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CAF Clickafood | Insta-Friendly Cafe in Serangoon

Wait a minute, do they mean click on your phone, find this place and get food, or click (your camera’s shutters) because the place (and the food) are so pretty? Well either way, I enjoyed both browsing the pictures of this place online and taking my own to add to the collection! Clickafood is like one of those ‘multi-concept’ places where you can find different … Continue reading CAF Clickafood | Insta-Friendly Cafe in Serangoon

Humble Rays | A Shining Light In Melbourne’s Cafe Culture

When I said I was going to Melbourne, nearly everyone said ‘you MUST go to Hardware Societe’. And so I did – but along the way, I also discovered another wonderful cafe by serendipity (via a friend’s post on Instagram), which I feel I must blog about first. And that cafe is Humble Rays. Located just about a 5 minute walk (maybe 10, if you … Continue reading Humble Rays | A Shining Light In Melbourne’s Cafe Culture

Boruto | Cozy Modern Izakaya With Brilliant Food

These Japanese-Western fusion izakayas seem to be popping up everywhere. I’m not complaining though – with a sudden influx of fatty, oily beef mixed with rich ingredients like foie gras and/or sea urchin and poached eggs in the scene, there is simply more to enjoy, more to choose from. Boruto is one such izakaya, which I first visited because of a ridiculously delicious looking truffled … Continue reading Boruto | Cozy Modern Izakaya With Brilliant Food

Lime, Parkroyal at Pickering

Can I just say one thing first – Parkroyal at Pickering’s pool area is SO pretty! Lovely cage-like structures scattered within an infinity pool, against a backdrop of a lovely cityscape. But okay, what this post is really about is the open-concept kitchen restaurant at the hotel, Lime. Lime offers both a-la-carte and daily lunch and dinner buffet spreads, and the latter was what we went … Continue reading Lime, Parkroyal at Pickering

Full of Crab, East Coast Road

Crab is a wonderful dish. I just love its succulent, firm, sweet fresh meat. The idea of having nice big crabs cooked and served in a plastic bag full of delicious rich sauce is one which appeals to me. So when this new concept recently hit Singapore, I was happy to give it a try. We popped by the newest one of the three restaurants which offer … Continue reading Full of Crab, East Coast Road

Privé Restaurant, Keppel Bay

I was tasked to pick a nice place for a farewell lunch near the Alexandra area, and Privé came to mind. So off we went for a weekday executive set lunch at this restaurant. The ambience and decor were rather nice, posh, clean and peaceful. It is a little hard to find though as it’s tucked away in a corner of Keppel Island, past the Privé Cafe and Waterfront Bar, … Continue reading Privé Restaurant, Keppel Bay