La Ristrettos | A Surprise Find In A Place of Healing

Upon entering La Ristrettos, one is suddenly transported from the white, clinical corridors of the Novena Medical Centre into a warm, cosy café full of brown furnishings, quaint wall decorations and tasteful flower arrangement pieces. The large window panes on one side of the café with a mix of white lace and gingham curtain adornments, the backdrop for a high table seating area, struck me as rather … Continue reading La Ristrettos | A Surprise Find In A Place of Healing

My Little Tapas Bar, Club Street X The Entertainer

*This was an invited food tasting session. The narrow lanes of Club Street and Ann Siang have long housed charming little bars, eateries and shops offering quaint curated goods and services. A little over a year ago, My Little Tapas Bar (MLTB), with its authentic Spanish tapas and cocktails concept, joined their folds. Part of the My Little Spanish Place group, with the opening of the new Boat Quay … Continue reading My Little Tapas Bar, Club Street X The Entertainer

Home-style Soups by Freshen Foods

I’ve always loved drinking soup. In fact, I was having a bowl of soup from Soup Spoon, as I started writing this. Chinese soups, Western soups and even spicy Thai ones – I would usually finish every single drop. Not sure if it’s my Asian upbringing, but to me, there is just something extremely comforting and satisfying about a bowl of piping hot soup. And … Continue reading Home-style Soups by Freshen Foods

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, Swissotel/Raffles City

What an adorable name for a restaurant, which rolls nicely on the tongue. Starting from its name, I decided that I rather liked this place already. And upon entering the classy establishment with a beautiful view of the night cityscape through full length glass windows, I had pretty high hopes for Wooloomooloo. Hailing from Hong Kong but named after a small town in Australia (Woolloomooloo), this stylish … Continue reading Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, Swissotel/Raffles City