Strikingly Beautiful, Sa Pa Charms

So, I would like to share a bit about my travel experience in Sa Pa earlier this year. About 7 months ago I decided to take a trip, and it was one of those ‘I-want-to-go-somewhere-anywhere’ sort of thing. I asked a friend working in Vietnam if she wanted to go on a holiday with me, and she suggested Sa Pa. Before that, I had never heard of … Continue reading Strikingly Beautiful, Sa Pa Charms

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe vs Kungfu Paradise

It is 12 midnight. You have a craving for french toast and iced milk tea. Where would you go to get these? Thankfully, places like Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe and Kungfu Paradise (amongst a few other such late night Hong Kong food places) open late into the night till around 3 to 4am, giving us hungry people a place to go to when we have … Continue reading Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe vs Kungfu Paradise

Philips MyKitchen Event

Okay firstly, a disclaimer – I work in PR and I was helping to run this event, so I suppose I do have a vested interest in this. However, any views expressed here are purely my own. So anywayyy. Philips held a media event yesterday for the launch of their MyKitchen website, a comprehensive online recipe resource where people can visit to find recipes for … Continue reading Philips MyKitchen Event

Bistro Petit Salut, Chip Bee Gardens

Bistro Petit Salut, c’est superb! To celebrate my bf’s birthday, I decided to take him to Bistro Petit Salut, a cosy little French restaurant at the Chip Bee stretch behind Holland Village. The sister (or poorer cousin?) of the classier (and more expensive) Au Petit Salut, it was surprisingly good, with prompt, polite and friendly service, and delicious, reasonably-priced food. The starters were a lobster … Continue reading Bistro Petit Salut, Chip Bee Gardens

Tinhill Bistro and Winebar (CLOSED)

A new place opened up just nearby and we decided to check it out. Whenever I pass it while travelling down Bukit Timah Road, the lights pouring out of the entirely glass walls almost always manages to catch my attention. I hear the owner designed it to be like a beacon, which seems like an appropriate word to describe this quaint corner bistro. Let’s start … Continue reading Tinhill Bistro and Winebar (CLOSED)