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What’s Your Beef? | A Rundown of 11 Gyudons in Singapore

I recently realised that I’ve actually consumed an alarming amount of beef bowls over some time, and so my immediate response to that was ‘Hey! I should do a blog post about it’ (sorry cows…). And so here is my little comparison post of 11 different types of beef bowls you can find in Singapore, from the everyday pocket friendly ones to the occasional indulgence. … Continue reading What’s Your Beef? | A Rundown of 11 Gyudons in Singapore

The Betterfield, Waterloo Centre (MOVED)

Cafe, bistro, eatery – it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. But frankly, does it really matter what it is? As long as the food is good, the ambience, prices and service are decent, I’m happy. The Betterfield is a new cafe/bistro that recently opened almost literally next door to Mosaic Dance, the studio at which I teach salsa. So you can imagine it has … Continue reading The Betterfield, Waterloo Centre (MOVED)

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, Swissotel/Raffles City

What an adorable name for a restaurant, which rolls nicely on the tongue. Starting from its name, I decided that I rather liked this place already. And upon entering the classy establishment with a beautiful view of the night cityscape through full length glass windows, I had pretty high hopes for Wooloomooloo. Hailing from Hong Kong but named after a small town in Australia (Woolloomooloo), this stylish … Continue reading Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, Swissotel/Raffles City