Suprette | Is it the Best Burger In Town?

I’m not sure if Suprette does the best burger in town, but it sure serves up a pretty damn awesome one. Their Suprette Burger (S$25 for the basic one not including add-ons) features a juicy, moist minced beef patty that was full of flavour and rested gently between a fluffy buttered and toasted-to-a-lovely-crisp bun. I really liked how the elements of their burgers come together … Continue reading Suprette | Is it the Best Burger In Town?

The Betterfield, Waterloo Centre (MOVED)

Cafe, bistro, eatery – it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. But frankly, does it really matter what it is? As long as the food is good, the ambience, prices and service are decent, I’m happy. The Betterfield is a new cafe/bistro that recently opened almost literally next door to Mosaic Dance, the studio at which I teach salsa. So you can imagine it has … Continue reading The Betterfield, Waterloo Centre (MOVED)

Les Bouchons Rive Gauche, Robertson Quay

Arguably one of the best steaks I have had in Singapore So I went to Les Bouchons about 2 months back, after wanting to sample their steak for the longest time. Have heard lots of good (and bad) things about the place, but went there with an open mind. And man, the steak is GOOD. Juicy, succulent and flavourful, it certainly did not disappoint – … Continue reading Les Bouchons Rive Gauche, Robertson Quay