Jimmy Monkey, One North

And here’s another post on one of the One North cafés. Jimmy Monkey has been at One North Residences for around 3 years already though, so I wouldn’t say that it is a new upstart in the area. At the corner of a sleepy residential block next to a shop selling picture frames, you might just walk right past it if you weren’t specifically going … Continue reading Jimmy Monkey, One North

Loysel’s Toy, Kampong Bugis

A part of the Papa Palheta speciality coffee experience, Loysel’s Toy is an unassuming cafe buried deep in the woods of Lavender. Situated next to Kallang Riverside Park, it enjoys a view of foliage and the occasional breeze. As it’s fairly small (I’d say maybe about 20 tables) and basically the only F&B joint on ground level in that entire area, Loysel’s Toy is nice and quiet, with a relaxed, … Continue reading Loysel’s Toy, Kampong Bugis

Mobile uploads

Shucks. Getting a proper office job is seriously impeding my online life quite a bit – I now hardly have time to blog or post things on Facebook. But anyway – here are some (rather grainy, I apologize) pictures+quick reviews from some nice meals with friends. Really should start bringing a small point-and-shoot around…! First up is – Food for Thought (http://www.foodforthought.com.sg). The contenders are … Continue reading Mobile uploads