A Clean(ish) Eating Food Challenge

So after a lovely long weekend of feasting, I have decided to undertake a personal clean(ish) food challenge for a period of about 2 weeks from tomorrow 12 August to the night of 24 August, till the 2nd anniversary party of Mosaic Dance on that Saturday, where I will be performing. This is an attempt to call out those kind-of-there-but-not-quite-yet abs of mine, to look … Continue reading A Clean(ish) Eating Food Challenge

Kaz Japanese Fusion Sushi, Rochester Mall

I’d say that Rochester is one of the hip, trendy enclaves of restaurants, bars and other eateries in Singapore. And Rochester Mall is its newest addition, close to the main road. This place seems a bit different though. A mid-sized, sleepy building at the entrance to Rochester, it houses just about 10 F&B establishments and then mostly services like laundry, hair, spa, education etc – … Continue reading Kaz Japanese Fusion Sushi, Rochester Mall

Klee, Portsdown Road (Closed)

This is totally my favouritest bar in Singapore, EVER. With¬† a superbly chill-out ambience in an old house on a secluded little hill in Portsdown, this bar does not have a paper menu. Instead, it has well-spoken bartenders asking you what kind of tastes you like, and then mixing up a fresh fruit cocktail based on your preferences.¬† A cosy, intimate type of setting – … Continue reading Klee, Portsdown Road (Closed)