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Lady Wu | A Bar With Pretty Fabulous Food

One usually doesn’t expect the food at a bar to be particularly good, but Lady Wu surprised me with its simple yet inventive fusion dishes. Not only was the food delightful, the place had fun and chill neon vibes, that our party of five enjoyed imbibing in. First off, one of the highlight dishes for me was the Wagyu Beef Cubes (S$18++), a classic dish … Continue reading Lady Wu | A Bar With Pretty Fabulous Food

Redpan | A Fresh Spin on Local Favourites

A cafe/restaurant by an architectural firm… sounds like it’d be visually stunning with beautiful but pretentious (and not very tasty food), right? Well, not quite. redpan (if you stare at the middle closely enough you’ll see why it’s named as such) is a collaboration between DP Architects and GRUB, a culinary company advocating modern local food. And besides being a rather aesthetically pleasing place, it … Continue reading Redpan | A Fresh Spin on Local Favourites

The Malayan Council | Bustling Halal Mod-Sin Cafe

Who says cafes only have to serve eggs and coffee? The Malayan Council is destroying all notions of a ‘typical’ cafe, with their tasty Western-local fusion creations and mind blowing cakes and desserts. The cafe/restaurant though relatively small, is doing really well (completely packed on a Thursday night), so reservations are recommended. The person at the reservation phone (who I think is the owner) didn’t … Continue reading The Malayan Council | Bustling Halal Mod-Sin Cafe

Ryo Sushi | Affordable and Tasty Omakase

Omakase at S$18. Huh, what? Excuse me? Sounds too good to be true, but it is – for the first 18 patrons of the day (limited opening special). After that, the prices are S$38, S$68 and S$98 respectively for the various levels of Omakase (dishes selected by the chef) sets offered at Ryo Sushi. I recently tried their S$38 course, which comes with edamame, seaweed salad, … Continue reading Ryo Sushi | Affordable and Tasty Omakase

Give Mum a Special Treat This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner once again! You don’t need a commercialised day to show your love for this special woman in your life, but honestly, it’s a good reminder for us to treat our mums extra nice once in a while. Make her happy – now is as good a time as any. And if you haven’t figured out what to do to yet, … Continue reading Give Mum a Special Treat This Mother’s Day

Ô Comptoir | Not Amazing But Kind Of Pleasing

A galette? What’s that, you might ask? Honestly, before I accidentally stumbled across a creperie in Belgium that served this, I had no idea as well. The galette is a type of French crusty cake, but the one more commonly seen in restaurants and such is the Breton galette, a buckwheat flour open faced pancake with savoury fillings. Apparently crêpes refer to the sweet ones … Continue reading Ô Comptoir | Not Amazing But Kind Of Pleasing

The Betterfield, Waterloo Centre (MOVED)

Cafe, bistro, eatery – it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. But frankly, does it really matter what it is? As long as the food is good, the ambience, prices and service are decent, I’m happy. The Betterfield is a new cafe/bistro that recently opened almost literally next door to Mosaic Dance, the studio at which I teach salsa. So you can imagine it has … Continue reading The Betterfield, Waterloo Centre (MOVED)

Lime, Parkroyal at Pickering

Can I just say one thing first – Parkroyal at Pickering’s pool area is SO pretty! Lovely cage-like structures scattered within an infinity pool, against a backdrop of a lovely cityscape. But okay, what this post is really about is the open-concept kitchen restaurant at the hotel, Lime. Lime offers both a-la-carte and daily lunch and dinner buffet spreads, and the latter was what we went … Continue reading Lime, Parkroyal at Pickering

[Closed] 5 Little Bears, Far East Plaza

Ah Taiwanese food. Juicy fried chicken chops, silky smooth mee sua and fragrant beef noodle soup and more – gotta admit that there is some allure to the cuisine on offer. Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks brought us some of these, to be enjoyed while on-the-go. 5 Little Bears (I don’t really understand the name but I guess it’s as good as any) is now bringing … Continue reading [Closed] 5 Little Bears, Far East Plaza

Pince & Pints, Duxton Road

Lobster + mayonnaise. What’s there not to love about that combination? So when I heard there was a new (okay by now, not so new) place in town selling delicious toasted buttery rolls stuffed with the meat of a whole lobster, I was sold on the idea. Thankfully, so was Z, and to celebrate our 2nd year together, we visited Pince & Pints on a Monday … Continue reading Pince & Pints, Duxton Road

New Harbour Cafe and Bar, Tanjong Pagar

Do you like roast pork? If you do, you may want to pay a visit to New Harbour Cafe. The Hainanese Roast Pork ($16) is one of the best I’ve had in Singapore – tender, juicy meat with super crispy crackling and melt-in-your-mouth fat. Paired with their signature sweet black sauce and belachan, oh my goodness. It is a flavour explosion in your mouth. Another … Continue reading New Harbour Cafe and Bar, Tanjong Pagar