Charcoal-Grill and Salad Bar Keisuke | Delightful Mains and Free Flow Salad

I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful grilled fish is. When I try to imagine the flavours of the fish slowly being brought out in the heating process, its soft flesh sizzling, my mouth starts to water. So when I heard that Keisuke Takeda’s 19th restaurant (yes you read that right) specialises in authentic Japanese-style grilled fish ‘sumiyaki’ AND also has a free flow … Continue reading Charcoal-Grill and Salad Bar Keisuke | Delightful Mains and Free Flow Salad

Bruno’s Bistrot, Telok Kurau

This place is perfect for people who like hearty, delicious food served in an unpretentious way. Our recent visit for dinner was a really enjoyable experience for Z. For me, as long as it tastes good I’m mostly happy – and boy, did the food at Bruno’s impress and satisfy. I had been to Bruno’s first branch, Bruno’s Pizzeria & Grill some years back and … Continue reading Bruno’s Bistrot, Telok Kurau

Covo Bistro & Lounge at Greenwood (CLOSED)

Heard about this place from a colleague with raving reviews, and decided to give it a try one day with some friends. And it didn’t disappoint. Also, if you’re wondering why my reviews are mostly positive, it’s probably because I’ve only bothered posting about the good places so far! Haha. Okay anyway, moving along now. The bistro/lounge was dimly lit and quiet, with quaint decorations … Continue reading Covo Bistro & Lounge at Greenwood (CLOSED)

Flutes at the Fort

This is another back dated post – visited Flutes at the Fort about 2 months back and here is my review. Apologies about the rather blur pictures; was still using a point-and-shoot and there wasn’t much lighting, considering the place went for the dimly-lit-by-candle ambience/look. A pretty place. Quiet and posh, with a colonial feel (it was built in 1908, and used to be… the house … Continue reading Flutes at the Fort