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Lady Wu | A Bar With Pretty Fabulous Food

One usually doesn’t expect the food at a bar to be particularly good, but Lady Wu surprised me with its simple yet inventive fusion dishes. Not only was the food delightful, the place had fun and chill neon vibes, that our party of five enjoyed imbibing in. First off, one of the highlight dishes for me was the Wagyu Beef Cubes (S$18++), a classic dish … Continue reading Lady Wu | A Bar With Pretty Fabulous Food

Home-style Soups by Freshen Foods

I’ve always loved drinking soup. In fact, I was having a bowl of soup from Soup Spoon, as I started writing this. Chinese soups, Western soups and even spicy Thai ones – I would usually finish every single drop. Not sure if it’s my Asian upbringing, but to me, there is just something extremely comforting and satisfying about a bowl of piping hot soup. And … Continue reading Home-style Soups by Freshen Foods

Peach Blossoms, Marina Mandarin

I’m not quite sure what the occasion is (or perhaps they’re just in season), but Peach Blossoms at the Marina Mandarin is having a special abalone menu for the month of June! From abalone boiled in soups, stir-fried with vegetables or stewed with noodles, they are offering a nice range of dishes to satisfy those abalone cravings. Our family decided to pay Peach Blossoms a … Continue reading Peach Blossoms, Marina Mandarin

Tim Ho Wan, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Z and I visited Hong Kong late last year and were presented with the opportunity to visit a dim sum eatery touted as ‘the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant’ – so we thought, why not? I’m sure Tim Ho Wan doesn’t really need any introduction, after getting so much hype and setting up two outlets in Singapore as well. We headed down to the original outlet in Sham … Continue reading Tim Ho Wan, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Mouth Restaurant, Plaza Singapura

Heard from a friend that Mouth Restaurant does a great custard bun (or liu sha bao for the local folks), and so we decided to drop by for this one weekend afternoon. We reached around 2pm, and it seemed like people were almost done eating by then as the place wasn’t too packed. I was rather excited by the interesting colourful dumplings on the menu and … Continue reading Mouth Restaurant, Plaza Singapura

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Happy Mid-Autumn everyone! The actual day is finally here, though I think everyone has probably already been fervently munching on mooncakes since late (or perhaps mid?) August. Since last week there has been an influx of mooncakes arriving at my office from various suppliers, vendors, agencies etc, and I’ve had the pleasure (and guilt) of sampling baked mooncakes from many fine hotel restaurants including those at … Continue reading Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Paradise Pavilion, Marina Bay Financial Centre / Link Mall

And now it is time for yet another review of a Paradise Group eatery! This time, the establishment in question is the classy Paradise Pavilion, a restaurant decked out in French-Baroque inspired design, catering more towards the high end. I visited this place recently for both lunch and dinner, so will combine my thoughts on both experiences into one post. Did I think that Paradise … Continue reading Paradise Pavilion, Marina Bay Financial Centre / Link Mall

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe vs Kungfu Paradise

It is 12 midnight. You have a craving for french toast and iced milk tea. Where would you go to get these? Thankfully, places like Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe and Kungfu Paradise (amongst a few other such late night Hong Kong food places) open late into the night till around 3 to 4am, giving us hungry people a place to go to when we have … Continue reading Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe vs Kungfu Paradise

Cherry Garden, Mandarin Oriental

My family likes to eat Chinese food, including one of the classics; the glorious world of little treats that is dim sum. After a long and detailed search online, I decided to take them to Cherry Garden at The Mandarin Oriental to try the weekend dim sum buffet brunch, for a birthday occasion. The restaurant had a classy and oriental decor, and a relaxed, clean atmosphere to it. Service … Continue reading Cherry Garden, Mandarin Oriental

Imperial Treasure Group of Restaurants, Singapore

I love dim sum, as you might be able to tell from this blog so far – a variety of tasty bite-sized morsels of meaty, juicy, crispy or even sweet treats – you name it. And across my many enjoyable experiences of this wonderful Chinese invention, there is one restaurant chain in Singapore that I would like to highlight. And that is the Imperial Treasure … Continue reading Imperial Treasure Group of Restaurants, Singapore

搵到食 Wen Dao Shi, Geylang

I love this place. I love the food, its old school coffee shop feel, pun-y name and all. If you’re a person who enjoys food variety, this place is for you. Imagine my delight upon opening a menu chock full of delectable dim sum items, depicted by many bright (not very professionally taken but all the more charming for that) pictures of the food. Wen … Continue reading 搵到食 Wen Dao Shi, Geylang