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CAF Clickafood | Insta-Friendly Cafe in Serangoon

Wait a minute, do they mean click on your phone, find this place and get food, or click (your camera’s shutters) because the place (and the food) are so pretty? Well either way, I enjoyed both browsing the pictures of this place online and taking my own to add to the collection! Clickafood is like one of those ‘multi-concept’ places where you can find different … Continue reading CAF Clickafood | Insta-Friendly Cafe in Serangoon

Redpan | A Fresh Spin on Local Favourites

A cafe/restaurant by an architectural firm… sounds like it’d be visually stunning with beautiful but pretentious (and not very tasty food), right? Well, not quite. redpan (if you stare at the middle closely enough you’ll see why it’s named as such) is a collaboration between DP Architects and GRUB, a culinary company advocating modern local food. And besides being a rather aesthetically pleasing place, it … Continue reading Redpan | A Fresh Spin on Local Favourites

Clinique’s Chubby Sticks Are The Answer

I would like to interrupt our usual discussions on food, travel and fitness, to expound a little on something a bit different this time. But of course, it is something that also contributes to one’s happiness. Lipsticks! Or to be specific, Clinique’s Chubby Sticks (because they aren’t quite lipsticks per se). I’m kind of late to the party here (in terms of talking about them, … Continue reading Clinique’s Chubby Sticks Are The Answer

Lime, Parkroyal at Pickering

Can I just say one thing first – Parkroyal at Pickering’s pool area is SO pretty! Lovely cage-like structures scattered within an infinity pool, against a backdrop of a lovely cityscape. But okay, what this post is really about is the open-concept kitchen restaurant at the hotel, Lime. Lime offers both a-la-carte and daily lunch and dinner buffet spreads, and the latter was what we went … Continue reading Lime, Parkroyal at Pickering

[Closed] 5 Little Bears, Far East Plaza

Ah Taiwanese food. Juicy fried chicken chops, silky smooth mee sua and fragrant beef noodle soup and more – gotta admit that there is some allure to the cuisine on offer. Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks brought us some of these, to be enjoyed while on-the-go. 5 Little Bears (I don’t really understand the name but I guess it’s as good as any) is now bringing … Continue reading [Closed] 5 Little Bears, Far East Plaza

New Harbour Cafe and Bar, Tanjong Pagar

Do you like roast pork? If you do, you may want to pay a visit to New Harbour Cafe. The Hainanese Roast Pork ($16) is one of the best I’ve had in Singapore – tender, juicy meat with super crispy crackling and melt-in-your-mouth fat. Paired with their signature sweet black sauce and belachan, oh my goodness. It is a flavour explosion in your mouth. Another … Continue reading New Harbour Cafe and Bar, Tanjong Pagar

Home-style Soups by Freshen Foods

I’ve always loved drinking soup. In fact, I was having a bowl of soup from Soup Spoon, as I started writing this. Chinese soups, Western soups and even spicy Thai ones – I would usually finish every single drop. Not sure if it’s my Asian upbringing, but to me, there is just something extremely comforting and satisfying about a bowl of piping hot soup. And … Continue reading Home-style Soups by Freshen Foods

Tim Ho Wan, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Z and I visited Hong Kong late last year and were presented with the opportunity to visit a dim sum eatery touted as ‘the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant’ – so we thought, why not? I’m sure Tim Ho Wan doesn’t really need any introduction, after getting so much hype and setting up two outlets in Singapore as well. We headed down to the original outlet in Sham … Continue reading Tim Ho Wan, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Mouth Restaurant, Plaza Singapura

Heard from a friend that Mouth Restaurant does a great custard bun (or liu sha bao for the local folks), and so we decided to drop by for this one weekend afternoon. We reached around 2pm, and it seemed like people were almost done eating by then as the place wasn’t too packed. I was rather excited by the interesting colourful dumplings on the menu and … Continue reading Mouth Restaurant, Plaza Singapura

Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar, Alexandra Retail Centre (Closed)

Being someone who puts quite a bit of thought into the things I feed my body with (even though I still choose to eat junk fairly often), you can imagine how glad I was to find a restaurant in Singapore that serves ‘conscious cuisine’! It may seem strange, as ‘conscious’ is not quite a type or style of food, but if you think about it … Continue reading Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar, Alexandra Retail Centre (Closed)

My Weekly Fitness and Food Routine

Hello everyone! So, this is my first fitness post and I would like to start by sharing with all of you my weekly fitness related routine. Monday: Some light salsa dancing Tuesday: Usually a 2 to 6km run Wednesday: Kettlebells class at Mosaic Dance (more details below), and some light to vigourous salsa dancing Thursday: Salsa performance team training Friday: Salsa dancing plus other random … Continue reading My Weekly Fitness and Food Routine