PeraMakan, Keppel Club

It seems a little funny how I’ve been to PeraMakan probably close to 20 times already over the last few years, but somehow never thought of writing a post on it. I guess it could be because Peranakan food doesn’t feature strongly on my favourite foods list, though I do like it quite a bit as well. Peranakan food sometimes seems like the forgotten second cousin, in … Continue reading PeraMakan, Keppel Club

Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar, Alexandra Retail Centre (Closed)

Being someone who puts quite a bit of thought into the things I feed my body with (even though I still choose to eat junk fairly often), you can imagine how glad I was to find a restaurant in Singapore that serves ‘conscious cuisine’! It may seem strange, as ‘conscious’ is not quite a type or style of food, but if you think about it … Continue reading Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar, Alexandra Retail Centre (Closed)