Raisin Cream Bun, Barcook Bakery

This “review” is going to be a bit different from the usual. Because what it is really going to be, is just a little bit of gushing about a wonderful bread item from Barcook Bakery. Started around 5 years back with a small shop in Chinatown, Barcook believes in ‘quality and freshness which are the key ingredients’ in their bread. Their Raisin Cream Bun (S$1.40 … Continue reading Raisin Cream Bun, Barcook Bakery

Philips MyKitchen Event

Okay firstly, a disclaimer – I work in PR and I was helping to run this event, so I suppose I do have a vested interest in this. However, any views expressed here are purely my own. So anywayyy. Philips held a media event yesterday for the launch of their MyKitchen website, a comprehensive online recipe resource where people can visit to find recipes for … Continue reading Philips MyKitchen Event

Mobile uploads

Shucks. Getting a proper office job is seriously impeding my online life quite a bit – I now hardly have time to blog or post things on Facebook. But anyway – here are some (rather grainy, I apologize) pictures+quick reviews from some nice meals with friends. Really should start bringing a small point-and-shoot around…! First up is – Food for Thought (http://www.foodforthought.com.sg). The contenders are … Continue reading Mobile uploads