Living With a Possessed iPhone

This story begins from when I dropped my iPhone 6S (twice) in October last year and smashed the glass AND then the LCD. Since then, it has never been the same again. I did get the glass and LCD replaced, but it somehow got loose over the next few months, resulting in a (presumably) tremulous connection between it and the software of the device – … Continue reading Living With a Possessed iPhone

Living Life Upside Down

So, I’ve been somewhat obsessed or okay perhaps interested is a better word, in doing inversions this year. Be it a handstand or a headstand, I have been fairly determined to achieve a state of balance while in an upside down position. I am also quite convinced that doing more of these will help to give me abs. Haha crazy I know, but it just seems … Continue reading Living Life Upside Down

Strikingly Beautiful, Sa Pa Charms

So, I would like to share a bit about my travel experience in Sa Pa earlier this year. About 7 months ago I decided to take a trip, and it was one of those ‘I-want-to-go-somewhere-anywhere’ sort of thing. I asked a friend working in Vietnam if she wanted to go on a holiday with me, and she suggested Sa Pa. Before that, I had never heard of … Continue reading Strikingly Beautiful, Sa Pa Charms

An Update On My Personal Clean(ish) Eating Challenge

Hello folks! Here is a little interim update on my little two week commitment to eating somewhat healthily (as best I can while eating out). So far, I’ve managed to resist the temptations of ice cream, bak kwa, chocolate, croissants and more over the last 9 days, but I think I’ve really not been eating as clean as I could have. Mainly because of the sauces … Continue reading An Update On My Personal Clean(ish) Eating Challenge

A Clean(ish) Eating Food Challenge

So after a lovely long weekend of feasting, I have decided to undertake a personal clean(ish) food challenge for a period of about 2 weeks from tomorrow 12 August to the night of 24 August, till the 2nd anniversary party of Mosaic Dance on that Saturday, where I will be performing. This is an attempt to call out those kind-of-there-but-not-quite-yet abs of mine, to look … Continue reading A Clean(ish) Eating Food Challenge

My Weekly Fitness and Food Routine

Hello everyone! So, this is my first fitness post and I would like to start by sharing with all of you my weekly fitness related routine. Monday: Some light salsa dancing Tuesday: Usually a 2 to 6km run Wednesday: Kettlebells class at Mosaic Dance (more details below), and some light to vigourous salsa dancing Thursday: Salsa performance team training Friday: Salsa dancing plus other random … Continue reading My Weekly Fitness and Food Routine

Food, Fitness and Travel

I love food. I really do. And if you’ve been following my posts, you’d probably have realised that by now as well. But how does one eat all this glorious food without… well, expanding? That’s a challenge I constantly struggle with. As a young girl, I really disliked exercising. At 15 years old, I weighed a fairly hefty 57kg and ran 2.4km in a pathetic … Continue reading Food, Fitness and Travel