Izakaya Hikari | New Casual Japanese Eatery

Today, I’m blogging about a two-month old Japanese izakaya which is currently, unfortunately, closed for around a month now during Singapore’s ‘circuit breaker’ which includes a restriction on dining out. Well, just going to share my experience eating there recently, in the hope that they still manage to continue operating after this period. Situated in the sleepy, old Fortune Centre, it’s more of a friendly … Continue reading Izakaya Hikari | New Casual Japanese Eatery

Froth Cafe | New Cafe at Middle Road Underwhelming

I first noticed this cafe when I walked past Big Hotel on Middle Road. Covering most of the basement floor, next to a reduced-size hotel lobby, the spacious Froth with its white walls and warm lighting looked like a cosy place to hang out. Pleased about discovering a new place around the studio to eat at, I proceeded to look it up online for some … Continue reading Froth Cafe | New Cafe at Middle Road Underwhelming

The Betterfield, Waterloo Centre (MOVED)

Cafe, bistro, eatery – it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. But frankly, does it really matter what it is? As long as the food is good, the ambience, prices and service are decent, I’m happy. The Betterfield is a new cafe/bistro that recently opened almost literally next door to Mosaic Dance, the studio at which I teach salsa. So you can imagine it has … Continue reading The Betterfield, Waterloo Centre (MOVED)

Symmetry, Jalan Kubor

Another cafe review! I just love spending weekends at cafes, enjoying some nice coffee and brunch, and watching the world go by. And since there are just so many new establishments in the Singapore cafe scene at any one time, I just have to go around trying out these places too. So, Symmetry is one of these fairly new additions (but then again, which ones aren’t, really) … Continue reading Symmetry, Jalan Kubor

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Some Great (and Not-So-Great) Food Around The Bugis Area

Bugis. The new town outside of town, it is home to the thriving outdoor shopping market Bugis Village where the young trawl for affordable fashion, as well as the yuppie cafes, Middle-Eastern eateries and quirky fashion shops in the Haji Lane/Arab Street area – and not forgetting the malls – Bugis Junction, and the recently launched Bugis +. As a person who goes there approximately 5 … Continue reading Some Great (and Not-So-Great) Food Around The Bugis Area