Klee, Portsdown Road (Closed)

This is totally my favouritest bar in Singapore, EVER. With  a superbly chill-out ambience in an old house on a secluded little hill in Portsdown, this bar does not have a paper menu. Instead, it has well-spoken bartenders asking you what kind of tastes you like, and then mixing up a fresh fruit cocktail based on your preferences.  A cosy, intimate type of setting – … Continue reading Klee, Portsdown Road (Closed)

Durian, mmm…

It’s durian season once again and I’ve recently tried 2 yummy variants of desserts/snacks using this fruit we love-to-hate and hate-to-love. One of which is the legendary Goodwood Park Hotel Durian Mousse Cake, and mmmm, it is YUMMMMY! I tried it two ways – slightly frozen and completely defrosted (it came frozen and you have to freeze it in order to keep it fresh for … Continue reading Durian, mmm…

Tulang, Newton Circus

I now interrupt the postings about my epicurean adventures in Europe with a short post and picture about a really, really, REALLY awesome, cholesterol stuffed, oil dripping, fat inducing, heart stopping Singaporean food wonder that is TULANG. Imagine meaty mutton bones soaked in hot, steaming, thick, tasty sauce filled with crunchy cabbage, peas and potato pieces. The soft, squishy marrow, when extracted, melts in your … Continue reading Tulang, Newton Circus

Le Belvédère, Annecy

A nice quiet restaurant with a Michelin star in a small town in the Rhone-Alps region of France, Le Belvédère is truly a gem – fabulous food at reasonable prices, a cosy ambience perfect for a romantic date or just a nice, long dinner with friends, and with impeccable service. Fantastic view, too. Possibly the best restaurant I have ever been to. And also in … Continue reading Le Belvédère, Annecy

Covo Bistro & Lounge at Greenwood (CLOSED)

Heard about this place from a colleague with raving reviews, and decided to give it a try one day with some friends. And it didn’t disappoint. Also, if you’re wondering why my reviews are mostly positive, it’s probably because I’ve only bothered posting about the good places so far! Haha. Okay anyway, moving along now. The bistro/lounge was dimly lit and quiet, with quaint decorations … Continue reading Covo Bistro & Lounge at Greenwood (CLOSED)

Tinhill Bistro and Winebar (CLOSED)

A new place opened up just nearby and we decided to check it out. Whenever I pass it while travelling down Bukit Timah Road, the lights pouring out of the entirely glass walls almost always manages to catch my attention. I hear the owner designed it to be like a beacon, which seems like an appropriate word to describe this quaint corner bistro. Let’s start … Continue reading Tinhill Bistro and Winebar (CLOSED)