Hamburg Steak Keisuke | Juicy Meat, Oozy Omelettes and Free Flow Salad

I’m not sure why it took me this long to try out Hamburg Steak Keisuke (perhaps I was deterred by the queues), but man, am I glad I did. I had the opportunity to drop by at a not-so-peak timing and so I only waited for maybe 20 minutes or so before being offered a table (I guess one person is also easier to seat).

Hamburg steak with free flow salad, appetisers, eggs and dessert!

And I have to say, Keisuke has done it again.

After all the delicious ramen options (I really loved the lobster one, sad that they closed it) and one of my favourites, the sumiyaki place Charcoal-Grill and Salad Bar Keisuke at Paya Lebar I had glowing reviews for, they also brought the hamburg steak to Singapore (though, I think this opened way before the charcoal grilled fish one, but you know what I mean).

Just look at how juicy it is, yum (sorry for the bad picture quality, this is a screenshot from a video)

Now a minced meat steak is not usually my first choice – I’m more of a ‘fresh from the cow’, rare to medium rare kinda girl. But when it is done beautifully – juices seeping out upon first cut, tender and flavourful at first bite, I’m sold.

Not gonna argue with the sign, give me them eggs

Combined with the promise of neverending portions of (Japanese style) omelettes, tamago and scrambled eggs, AND a salad bar where you get to choose your own appetisers, fresh vegetables and condiments, just take my money already.

The Keisuke Prime Beef Hamburg Steak Set (S20.90++) with the original sauce

Seeing as how it was my first time there, I chose the basic, signature option, the prime beef hamburg steak set which came with some tofu sides, a fried prawn and beansprouts.

I also opted for the Keisuke Original Sauce (you’re given four options), which I must say went marvelously well with the meat and white rice – it was mostly savoury but had a slight tang of sweetness and sourness in it.

The prawn was crispy, light and not too oily

The sides may look and seem like an afterthought but they were delicious in their own right – the soft tofu and beancurd puffs soaked up the meat juices and sauces and complemented the thick patty so well.

The prawn was well-fried and I really enjoyed it with the lovely mayonnaise dip it came with.

Mmm, a smogasbord of delicious options to mix together

And of course, I can’t forget the free flow salad bar – a refreshing mix of your choice of various fresh salad leaves, shredded cabbage, carrots, cherry tomatoes and boiled vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, corn and more.

The rich, creamy potato salad that is also a feature of the charcoal-grill restaurant was present, as well as varied dressing options.

Not just salad, noodles too!

Yes, there are noodles (in this case, some kind of dry spicy ramen and I believe sometimes its soba) too at this salad bar, and other little dishes. I especially enjoyed the Japanese style omelette – so fluffy, light and oozy on the insides – here’s a tip, eat it together with the meat, sauce and rice, mmm.

This was soooo good

And if that’s not enough – free flow fruits and dessert are part of the deal too!

This is the same signature dessert as the other Keisuke place I rave about, a bittersweet coffee jelly soaked in a creamy, sweet condensed milk sauce that is an absolutely wonderful end to a satisfying meal full of meat, vegetables and carbs.

Another video screenshot lol was too preoccupied with taking these for TikTok to take pictures too

I really enjoyed this hamburg steak + free flow salad bar meal option by Keisuke (though I’m not sure yet if I like this or the grilled fish one better), but perhaps I won’t be back all that soon due to the neverending lines outside that place.

Unless I manage to avoid the lunch/dinner crowd – because I do want to try the Triple Cheese Hamburg and perhaps the one in the claypot too!

Note: They require every diner to order a set, and you may need to wait for the eggs you want (I didn’t manage to try the scrambled eggs this time as I missed the previous batch and couldn’t wait for the next one).


Hamburg Steak Keisuke
72 Peck Seah Street S079329
Open daily from 1130am to 230pm / 530pm to 10pm.

Tel: +65 6908 4348


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