Lady Wu | A Bar With Pretty Fabulous Food

Wining and dining with some of my favourite ladies, back when pax cap for dining out was 5

One usually doesn’t expect the food at a bar to be particularly good, but Lady Wu surprised me with its simple yet inventive fusion dishes.

Not only was the food delightful, the place had fun and chill neon vibes, that our party of five enjoyed imbibing in.

Mmm the oily, juicy chunks of beef

First off, one of the highlight dishes for me was the Wagyu Beef Cubes (S$18++), a classic dish that was well-executed. I liked that the nicely sized pieces of meat were juicy and had just the right amount of seasoning and flavour.

Another easy to eat ‘tapas’ type bar food dish they had was the La Zi Ji (I guess it kind of translates to Mala Popcorn Chicken, S$10++), which we actually had two servings of (it was tasty + the portion wasn’t that big).

The heat was just nice with a very slight tinge of numbness from the peppercorn and the meat was flavourful, crispy and juicy.

I also really enjoyed the Striploin on Braised Ee Fu Noodles (S$17++), with a nice gooey sauce, springy noodles and flavourful meat. It was perhaps a tad bit too watery / wet, and the egg was kind of slightly under, but overall it was still tasty and we finished it, so not much to complain about really.

The Ngoh Hiang. Could’ve been a little more moist I feel!

The other dishes we had weren’t really that fabulous but were decent – the Ngoh Hiang (S$14++) and Pork Nuggets with Curry Dip (S$12++), fairly crispy and savoury – suitable as bites to go with alcoholic drinks (which I guess, is the point of food that’s served at a bar anyway).

The food is something I’d be back for – maybe even by myself just to try the Truffle Seafood Horfun or Lobster Garlic Fried Rice, which both sounded and looked really sumptuous.

I guess, as part of the Tipsy Collective group, they do have shared experience and skills to tap on, hence the quality of the tapas served at this casual, hip joint. Prices for alcohol seemed pretty reasonable too. Thumbs up!


Lady Wu
11 North Canal Road #03-02 (Attic Level)
Open Mon to Sat from 5pm to 11pm, closed Sundays.

Tel: +65 8338 7479


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