Simplicité | A Modern European Cafe by Fresh Fruits Lab

Fresh Fruits Lab used to be a fun, brightly coloured neighbourhood cafe back in the day, which recently decided to rebrand and launch itself as a classy, modern European one named Simplicité. It’s really got a Parisian feel now, with their big glass windows, blue and white chairs reminsicent of a French bistro, and vintage finishings.

I did rather like the vibes, and even more so the very playful, innovative cocktail I was presented with – the Twist of French 75 (S$14++), a light, floral gin cocktail with butterfly pea and a chunk of ice you’re meant to somehow break by knocking the glass on the table (see demonstration here).

The food too, was pretty enjoyable, and the flower petals that were sprinkled all over the Truffle Fries (S$12++) and Duck Confit (S$28++) somehow managed to elevate and add depth (as well as aesthetics) to the dishes.

The former was terribly addictive, me and my friend could not stop munching on it while waiting for our other friend to arrive. The truffle oil was well spread out and the parmesan was rich in flavour.

The duck was also nicely crispy on the outside and thankfully not too salty (some duck confits tend to be), but I wished it were a little more moist and juicy (same as most I’ve tried). But it was pretty good anyways!

We also had the Simplicité Wings (S$10++), which was a pretty typical dish, crispy fried wings with sweet chilli sauce.

The Crabmeat Aglio Olio (S$19++) was a little more interesting – not a typical aglio olio but with a bit of Korean flavours in the red sauce and chilli flakes, with the addition of smoked salmon and tobiko. Though, probably not the best choice if you want a pure aglio olio.

In terms of desserts and pastries, I can’t comment much as we didn’t have any there. I did take away some bakes though – which turned out to be really mini (I bought the Pain Au Chocolat which was S$1.90, guess I should’ve known from the price). And which I ate the next day without heating up, so it was not really being very fair to it…!

Overall, we enjoyed the food and ambience, it was a nice place to hang out with friends after work, with friendly service and vibes. I would go back again if ever I was in the East and wanted somewhere to sit for a bit with friends, or perhaps with just myself and a coffee, to watch the world go by.


351 Changi Road, Lor Marzuki, Singapore 419818
Open Tues to Thurs from 11am to 10pm and Sat and Sun from 9am to 10pm.

Tel: +65 6677 6741


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