Salted and Hung | Sustainable Contemporary Australian Cuisine

I’m glad, that one of the last meals I ate at a restaurant before the heightened measures kicked in in May was at Salted and Hung. We had lunch there to celebrate a friend’s birthday and tried their tasting menus (they only serve that when you dine there, but no complaints about that).

The wonderful ‘one bite’ starters

I took the 5-course option (S$78++), which started with a light starter of Firefly Squid and Beetroot. The little but dense sea creature was moist and flavourful and the latter rather delighted with its crunch and earthy taste.

This bread is legit quite amazing

Then came some bread, which weirdly enough was actually one of the best dishes of the meal.

The IPA baked sourdough was lovely and crisp on the outside while being impossibly soft and fluffy on the inside (I prefer chewier ones but this was nice too). It also went superbly well with the two very rich spreads that came with it – whipped lard with chilli oil and wakame butter.

Hello my pretty

Next was the Botan Ebi, a nice juicy prawn complemented by radish slices and garnished with a nice aged ponzu sauce. It was simple, but delicious.

Fish was a tad dry but I liked the crispy skin

The Barramundi with Roe Cream and Clams was a little middling – I was kind of expecting a softer, more moist piece of fish.

The sauce was really flavourful though, with the brininess of the shellfish and the roe cream, and maybe some… pesto perhaps (I’m not quite sure why it was green)?

The lovely, shiny pink pieces of pork

I did rather love the fatty bits of the Miyazaki Grape-Fed Pork Loin (though I wondered if they really fed grapes to the pigs), which gave the meat a whole lot of moistness. The tender yet slightly crunchy turnip was also quite excellent.

After which, they delivered with the desserts too – a refreshing palate cleanser of a fermented pear (totally house made) and sage ice cream, a creamy and sweet ‘Gold’n Gaytime’, a spin on a popular Australian ice cream, and a salted caramel and bacon cookie.

Overall I felt that the dishes served were of a pretty high standard and I really liked their take on ‘sustainable’ cuisine (using even the usually unwanted parts of things to make magic, think the sauce for the pork dish was made with some parts of the beef they didn’t use for the wagyu dish) and the way they paired flavours and treated some of the simple ingredients (the 24hr slow-cooked, dehydrated, charred, hydrated and smoked carrot that came with the wagyu was beautiful).

Didn’t choose this dish but tried some of my friend’s

I’d say that everything was tasteful, and tasty.

Though dine-ins are still not allowed for now (until who knows when), they have some delectable looking sandwiches for takeaway and delivery this period, which I might just try to get my hands on if I get a chance…

I also liked the classy, modern interior

Service was rather pleasant too, the staff were patient, friendly and helpful (yes, I’m that customer who always has a lot of questions).


Salted and Hung
12 Purvis Street, Singapre 188591
Open Tues to Weds from 6pm to 10.30pm and Thurs to Sun from 11.30am to 2.30pm and 6pm to 10.30pm.

Tel: +65 6358 3130


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