s t e e p | Cosy Mod-Aesthetic Cafe

I was pretty excited about this new cafe in the Jalan Besar area (I know, another one?!), because of the first look shots of its stylish, monochromatic interior and vibrant, appetizing dishes circulating on Instagram in early April.

The decor you see upon entering the cafe, simple but clean
The simple and clean interior upon entering the cafe

And since I kind of hang out in this area quite a bit, I just had to find an opportunity to pop by for a visit (or three).

Refreshing iced americano perfect for a hot day

The verdict? I really enjoyed their breakfast items, like the Steep’s Breakfast (S$17) – a big brekkie of sorts with the usual sausage, bacon, bread, eggs and tomatoes but with an interesting addition of tater tots as well as one of my favourite things – avocado.

Mmm just look at those glistening slices of avo

The sausage and bacon were a little on the dry side but the eggs were done well, the avocado fresh and creamy and everything else just went so well together. I personally would’ve rather had baked beans instead of tater tots but that’s definitely a preference thing.

I quite liked this!

The French Toast (S$15) was also a joy to eat (and look at), a lovely medley of brioche, mascarpone, berries and other good stuff. The mascarpone was very creamy and not clumpy at all, with a light and not too overpowering flavour, though I felt like the toast could have been a bit more egg-y or buttery (kind of felt like regular bread instead of brioche). These elements did go well together though and I also enjoyed the zesty berry compote it was topped with.

However, I was not a fan of the honey thyme syrup it came with, as it was a little too herbal for my tastes. Personally would’ve prefered maple syrup, but perhaps they wanted to experiment with something a bit more…. botanical.

The iced teas at Steep

Which I suppose brings me to my next point about their Iced Teas – the Berry Thyme (S$6.50) was similarly, a bit strong with the herbal flavour and ended up tasting somewhat like Strepsils… which no one wants their beverage to taste like, I reckon. The Yuzu Osmanthus (S$6.50) fared better, a refreshing citrusy concoction – but I would prefer to stick to coffee over here.

The Iced Americano (S$5.50) and Iced Oat Milk Mocha (S$8) – these are both kind of my default coffee types now – that I tried were pretty delicious, but nothing particularly special.

Looks yummy, doesn’t it?

We also tried the Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio (S$14) on one visit and it seemed pretty good (I just had a small bite), with the big juicy prawns and lots of garlic.

Overall I think that this cosy cafe is worth paying a visit if you are in the area, for some pretty yummy brunch dishes that don’t cost a bomb (some places really charge quite a bit for similar dishes) – if you don’t mind the limited menu selection.

I love glass panels… they really let the light in

And since it has good vibes, wouldn’t hurt to drop by for a coffee and chill too!


32 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209360
Open from Monday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm (kitchen closes at 4.30pm)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/steep.sg


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