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CAF Clickafood | Insta-Friendly Cafe in Serangoon

Loving the cute pastel hues in this bright and cheery cafe

Wait a minute, do they mean click on your phone, find this place and get food, or click (your camera’s shutters) because the place (and the food) are so pretty?

Well either way, I enjoyed both browsing the pictures of this place online and taking my own to add to the collection!

clickafood  beverages
I really liked my Mango Coconut drink!

Clickafood is like one of those ‘multi-concept’ places where you can find different types of cuisine under one roof – in this case, Korean (Korean Mama), Thai (Thaitanium), Local (186 Huat) and Western (Fig & Fiddle), as well as a selection of interesting beverages (by He 喝).

The Nemo Burger featuring a big piece of fried dory fish

I went with some friends and we tried a few dishes – the Nasi Lemak (S$8.90), the Mini Andong Jjimdak (S$9.90), the Nemo Burger (S$9.90), amongst some others.

clickafood nasi lemak
The Nasi Lemak was pretty fragrant and tasty

The Nasi Lemak came with vibrant blue pea coconut rice, two crispy chicken wings, a fried egg and a big dollop of chilli. It was all pretty delicious together, though somewhat run-of-the-mill. I also felt that the chilli could have had a bit more of a kick.

There’s also an option to change the fried egg to a Thai omelette at a small cost, which one of my friends did (I forgot to take a photo) – it seemed like a rather big portion, and looked quite yummy.

Jjimdak, mashisoyo?

Jjimdak is one of my favourite Korean foods, and the one at Clickafood didn’t disappoint. It had a good mix of savoury and sweet and the root vegetables were stewed to a nice consistency (though the noodles were a tiny bit too hard for me). I did think it could have benefitted with a bit more heat too.

Statements I truly identify with…..

This cafe I think, looks better than it tastes, but even so, it’s a really nice and casual place to hang out with friends and satisfy varying palates within groups. The drink selection is also above average with a good range and the one I had in particular, the Mango Coconut (S$5.50) was sweet, thick and creamy and very satisfying!

I would visit again if I happened to be in the area, or looking for a place around there to eat with friends. Their Pad Thai and Korean Fried Chicken did look rather promising…


339 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 534953

Open on daily from 11am to 9pm.


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