Olivia | Fine Flavours of Spain

The lovely girls who treated me to dinner at this wonderful restaurant

Since Olivia’s Burnt Cheesecake burst all over Instagram a couple of years ago, I was captivated by it and knew I had to visit this place someday. And I finally did, earlier this year for my birthday, thanks to some lovely friends.

Upon entering the classy restaurant with warm, welcoming vibes, waiters swarmed us asking if we wanted still or sparkling, and kind of decided for us eventually as we were taking ages with choosing our drinks. Well, I guess they wanted to make sure we had some beverages so that we could take off our masks, thoughtful I guess.

The gleaming grilled eggplant and cute little mushroom croquettes

Anyway, we had quite a bit of trouble choosing what to order, as everything seemed tantalising. We eventually settled on the Mushroom and Truffle Croquettes, Roased Eggplant and Grilled Octopus as small plates and the Black Rice with ‘Carabineros’ (Mediterranean red prawns) and Wagyu Steak with Truffle Sauce and and Confit ‘Piquillo’ Peppers as the mains.

Flavourful, firm octopus in a rich, meaty potato foam

And gosh, it was all absolutely delicious. The croquette was a tasty, creamy shot to start, and the black olive miso eggplant offered tender bites of smoky, roasted flavours. After which, the perfectly springy octopus and the salty, crispy pork belly pieces and potato foam it was served with, further delighted our palates.

Delicious-ness all round

I was also particularly enchanted by the tender wagyu striploin with truffle sauce that went absurdly well with the confit peppers it came with, which were doused in some kind of olive oil that brought out its sweetness.

The squid ink rice also had a nice mouthfeel and tasted heavenly with the tasty, juicy prawns.

Just look at the vibrant pink hues on that meat, please

Overall, the food impressed and I really enjoyed our dinner there.

Always space for dessert

Alas nothing is perfect though and the creamy, gooey cheesecake I was so looking forward to having, ended up being a bit disappointing instead. I mean, the desserts were of a certain standard and fairly enjoyable, but the blue cheese in the cheesecake was so strong that it became a little hard to eat after a while.

The warm, inviting interior of Olivia

In any case, it was a really pleasant experience having dinner there and was quite reminscent of the homely, rich flavours of Spain. I would probably go back again if there was an occasion to!


Olivia Restaurant and Lounge
55 Keong Saik Road, #01-03, Singapore 089158
Website: https://www.olivia.com.sg/
Tel: +65 6221 0522 / Whatsapp: +65 8296 0740


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