Miraku | Delicious, Worth It Omakase

Inside the cosy restaurant with limited seating

I have a bit of mixed feelings about omakase (meaning ‘I’ll leave it to you’ – the chef, in Japanese), because on one hand, I absolutely adore the fresh, delicate and usually super tasty little courses that come as a bit of a surprise, without the stress of deciding what to eat, but on the other, not having control over what I get to eat and sometimes experiencing misses makes me a tiny bit uncomfortable.

I guess in life, surrendering some control creates opportunity, and it could swing either way (or well, land in the middle).

I loved their sushi (served in order from top right to centre, anti-clockwise, two sushi in the course not pictured)

And Miraku is definitely not middling. Well, the prices could be considered rather average (especially for lunch) when compared to the many sky high priced ones around, but the quality of the food and skill of the chefs, to this non-expert, seemed far above average. I had been wanting to try it out for a while and recently (finally) visited Miraku for an omakase meal for a friend’s birthday a few months ago, and it lived up to all the raving reviews.

For reference, I’ve not had that many omakases before, maybe around eight or so ranging from a regular S$38++ one at Ryo Sushi, an inventive, experiential one at Teppei, a quaint local hole-in-a-wall place in Tokyo, to a $S300++ one at a fancy place in Tokyo. So that’s what we have on the table for comparison, though if it helps, I eat Japanese food pretty often. I love sushi, damn it.

The Miraku menu as of Nov 2020

But back to the topic at hand. We opted for the Miraku Sushi Course (S$88++, only available during lunch), and oh boy were we in for a treat. From the starters which were simple but refreshing and tasty, to the fresh, well-executed the pieces of sushi that came after it and to a little sweet dessert to cap it off, it was undeniably an enjoyable experience for all of us.

Some chawanmushi and seaweed with dashi and ikura to start

In particular, I really liked the Spanish mackerel (top right), a fish not commonly used for sushi, but I loved its clean yet rich but not cloyingly so flavour, as well as the sweet and luscious prawn sushi (top left). I forgot to include the first sushi in the course in the collage above, but we began with a nice light blue snapper sushi.

The other items were also delicious and fresh across the board, some pieces were treated with touches of soy, lime, black pepper and the like to elevate but not overpower them, which we liked.

This is one of those dishes you’d want to eat again and again

And one ‘piece’ of sushi which stood out, was for sure this one with a sukiyaki-ed piece of gorgeous A5 wagyu with a pinch of uni infused rice and a dash of wasabi. We were told to wrap the rice up with the tender, lightly cooked beef and put the whole thing in our mouths – which was a heavenly, umami flavour bomb. I really, really liked this one – even wished that the taste of it could last for the entire day!

The friendly chefs kindly posed the food for pictures before wrapping it up

After they regaled us with this amazing piece of sushi, everything else kind of just seemed really normal (sorry guys), though I think the rest of the dishes did help to wrap things up nicely. The anago (sea eel) hand roll was a comforting chaser and though I didn’t really like the tamago that much, my friends enjoyed the different souffle-like texture of it (I prefer the traditional style).

The fluffy souffle-like tamago at Miraku

For dessert, we had some black sesame ice cream paired with fresh fruits, which was a simple, sweet and delightful finale to a wonderful lunch. They even did a prettily decorated slice of cake to wish my friend a happy birthday, which was very nice of them!

Dessert was yummy and refreshing too

I had a wonderful time at Miraku – loved how my taste buds were really taken care of with the quality ingredients and delicious flavor profiles, as well as friendly service with heart.

A gastronomical experience awaits behind this unassuming entrance

Definitely worth a return visit, assuming I can get another slot – it’s a really small place so it tends to get booked up super quickly (wasn’t even sure I wanted to share about it but I guess good business for them is good for us too in a way).


Miraku 3 Pickering Street, #01-31

Nankin Row 048660

Website: https://www.mirakusg.com

Tel: +65 6904 9783 / +65 8138 3071

Open Mondays to Saturdays 11.30am to 3.00pm for lunch and 6.00pm to 10.00pm for dinner.


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