Dalgona Coffee 달고나커피 | The Trending #StayAtHome Drink

Damn it does look kinda nice

So, I’m sure you expected this right? A pretty, trending drink, of course I had to try making it! Such a basic foodie, I know… Anyway, enough about me and more about the drink in question.

Dalgona coffee, inspired by an old-school Korean toffee candy called ‘달고나’, started trending when people started staying at home more, since the corona virus happened. Well, and it was also featured in a TV show. While it’s probably not ideal to be associated with a global pandemic, somehow this trend took off in a really positive way because, I guess, people just wanted to have some fun things to do at home.

And hey, it’s got sugar, milk and coffee, what’s there not to like?

Just three main ingredients, plus water and ice

So I tried it and voila, like thousands of other people out there, I had a cafe-style beverage instantly available at home too.

It’s surprisingly easy to make – I just combined 2 tablespoons each of instant coffee (used Nescafe but you can use any kind I reckon), sugar (used raw, unrefined sugar because uh, health) and hot water, whipped the hell out of it and then poured it over iced milk. I think it took like 10 minutes.

It looks a bit gross at first but it’ll be fine

I forgot to take proper pictures of the process because I was taking a video for TikTok, but including some screenshots and a link to it here if you want to see more of what went down.

If you like coffee in general or sweet frappuccino type drinks, give it a try as it’s quick and tasty, and actually kind of fun to make too.

One tip though – it tastes much better if you stir the whipped coffee with the milk as it can be a bit bitter on its own (or maybe it’s because I didn’t use normal sugar)!


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