Izakaya Hikari | New Casual Japanese Eatery

Today, I’m blogging about a two-month old Japanese izakaya which is currently, unfortunately, closed for around a month now during Singapore’s ‘circuit breaker’ which includes a restriction on dining out.

Well, just going to share my experience eating there recently, in the hope that they still manage to continue operating after this period.

Popular grilled ‘yakimono’ options

Situated in the sleepy, old Fortune Centre, it’s more of a friendly neighbourhood type izakaya (Japanese bar with a variety of small plates to go with the drinks) than a fancy one – which I guess suits the genre anyway. Food-wise, it’s homely, hearty yet refined.

The ‘yaki’ (Japanese for ‘grilled’) items weren’t yucky at all (sorry, couldn’t resist), and in fact were nicely flavoured without being too salty or heavy. Went really well with the refreshing Grape Chu-hi I was having, that tasted like slightly alcoholic Vitagen, yummy.

The other dishes were pretty good too, I tried the Unagi Don – maybe not always the best idea at an izakaya as the quality can’t beat that of a specialty eels place, but it was pretty decent. Soft, and tasty.

The Chicken Kaarage was respectable too, not drowning in oil and retaining the flavours of the meat and seasoning – I did wish that the chicken could be more tender though.

I suppose certain dishes may fare better here as the main point of izakayas is to have food that goes well with alcoholic drinks, and what better to wash down with a refreshing beer or highball than fried chicken or dumplings?

In particular the gyoza – this was surprisingly really good.

Instead of the usual thin white skin, this one was encased in a thicker, golden shell that fell apart in a satisfying crunch upon biting into it.

It was also very well stuffed with a filling that didn’t seem like the usual minced meat but with other ingredients that could’ve been crunchy root vegetables or… chestnuts? Whatever they were, this was delicious.

Izakaya Hikari also has many other dishes like grilled seafood and sashimi, and of course the usual selection of alcoholic drinks that one can find at izakayas.

It seems like a pretty small space though, so I think during a normal period it may require reservations, some waiting or dining during off peak hours. Service was good, prompt and friendly. Wouldn’t mind popping by for a repeat visit if I’m ever in the area, when eating out is allowed again.


Izkaya Hikari
#03-01, Fortune Centre
190 Middle Road
Nearest MRT: Bugis

Tel: 8921 3779
Website: https://www.facebook.com/izakayahikarisg

P.S. The circuit breaker in Singapore to try and beat the corona virus has officially began, and people are trying to #savefnbsg as that’s one of the industries that’s quite heavily affected by the semi lockdown that’s happening here.

Join these Facebook groups to order from local food places while holed up at home, Hawkers United – Dabao Singapore and Singapore Restaurant Rescue!


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