10 Places To Eat at Jewel Changi Airport | Recommendations From A Frequent Visitor

Oh Jewel. How the days improved vastly for us worker bees at Changi Airport since it came into our lives. Besides the soothing, gorgeous giant waterfall that Jewel is famous for, it also has lots of delicious food options that are definitely worth checking out.

The recent situation across the world has left many malls and F&B outlets suffering, but for when things start to look up, here are some places you can consider visiting:

1. Five Spice

There’s no more fitting description that can be used for this place besides “atas” (high class) food court. With its elevated interior design – think marble tables and pretty, un-kopitiam like chairs (as well as prices), Five Spice offers a pleasant ambience to enjoy a variety of popular local Singapore food at during your visit to Jewel. 

Plus, a big perk for frequent visitors is that ALL stalls (I believe) are on FavePay and you can collect rebates for the next time, across stalls. Awesome.

Here are the popular stalls there which I’ve tried:

Fu Lin Fried Yong Tau Fu

I’ve been wanting to try the Telok Ayer shop for ages and was so glad that they set up a stall at Jewel! The fried, oily pieces of yong tau fu drenched in that thick meaty brown sauce (also great with the noodles yummy), made for a rich and satisfying meal.

A tad strong in terms of flavours though (slightly on the salty side), so maybe not so much for people who like the lighter sort of food.

Guan Chee HK Roast

This was a little on the expensive side (around S$15 or $16 for a set I think), but it was a good and satisfying portion. Pretty tasty, and there are less extravagant options available for those of small appetites too!

Guan’s Mee Pok

Bak Chor Mee with fish maw? Mmm, I’m down for that! It was tasty and flavourful, with a good amount of kick from the chili. Would eat this again, also because I really love fish maw (what’s not to love about it, really).

Chen’s Mapo Tofu

I enjoyed the mapo tofu (though I prefer the meatier, sweeter type with some starch (think Singapore style?) and the dan dan noodles (had better ones in China and Taiwan) but probably wouldn’t eat there again.

Fans of Sichuan dishes can consider giving it a try though, one of my friends said she really liked it!

KL Damansara Chilli Ban Mee

Apparently made with a special traditional recipe of the authentic KL Damansara Chilli Ban Mee – and verdict? Pretty damn delicious. The ban mee is springy and the chilli (I took level 2) has a nice heat to it.

Would have it again when I feel like indulging in something kind of sinful!

Padang Lezat by Indochili

Basically, ‘atas’ nasi padang (again on the expensive side, maybe around S$10 per plate)! Padang Lezat features handcrafted Indonesian dishes prepared with spices and served with fragrant rice that’s really tasty and heartwarming.

I thought all the flavours were quite striking and overall I rather enjoyed this meal.

Fu Xing Treasures

A homegrown (Teochew I think) food stall that had humble beginnings to offering an award winning Chicken Curry dish (I ought to try this one next time).

I had the Seafood Mee Sua that was very reminiscent of Pu Tien’s, drenched in a very nice thick broth and with the same tangy, spicy and sour chilli sauce that I like very much.

Faa Di by Ka Soh [CLOSED]

Fish soup for lunch? Yes please! The fish was fresh and tender and the soup rather tasty (the milky consistency is because it’s been boiled for a long time with fish bones and not because there is milk added!), and I enjoyed it.

Plus, they give you copious amounts of pork lard…


Besides these, Five Spice also has a few other stalls like a BBQ seafood stall, curry chicken stall, mala stall, Indian food stall and more. Check it out if you feel like trying some local food at Jewel!

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Website: https://fivespice.com.sg/

2. Pink Fish

As the name suggests, Pink Fish specialises in sustainably sourced fish, in particular Norwegian salmon. The menu offers it prepared in a variety of ways – raw, grilled, in a burger or in a soup. 

Salmon with Yellow Curry Soup
The American Poke Salad

Overall the dishes tasted wholesome and healthy and I enjoyed most of the ones I tried (though felt the American raw poke was a little salty), my favourite was the Asian Poke salad. 

The Asian Raw Poke Salad

I quite like it and think it’s worth trying though, though a little on the pricey side (maybe around $15 or so for a regular/medium sized portion). But oh well, it can be expensive to be environmentally friendly.


3. Shake Shack

Maybe this should’ve been at the top of the list, but I honestly think it’s a little over hyped. With 1-2 hour queues when it first opened, that sounds like an awful lot of time just to get a burger. But maybe it’s just me!

That being said, Shake Shack’s classic burger and fries made for a delicious meal anyway, with the nice buttered crisp yet soft bun and juicy meat patty. I just wouldn’t line up for an hour for it (I didn’t this time also haha) but it’s definitely a viable meal option to consider at Jewel!


4. A&W

The queue at A&W…

Another one with a crazy line, but we went before the huge lunch peak wave (before 12 noon) and a good 3-4 months after it opened, so thankfully we didn’t have to wait for too long.

The food wasn’t mind blowing, just everyday regular fast food and fries (but curlier and crispier mmm) and with the most awesome root beer ice cream float!


5. Pow Sing

This was a very enjoyable meal of chicken rice and other local favourites like otah, sambal sotong, sambal kangkong and more. Good to bring family or overseas friends to to enjoy a nice array of Singaporean food! The dishes were all quite delicious and the ambience not bad too (well you can see the waterfall from inside).

Oh and by the way, I think it’s next door to A&W, so it’s another food option if you don’t wish to queue!


6. White Restaurant

I heard about an elusive place in Serangoon that sold really good white beehoon but never really had the chance to try it, and lucky me, a branch opened up right next to my office!

It was really quite good, I liked the rich broth that the noodles came in and surprisingly, my favourite dish was the sambal sweet potato leaves instead as the chilli was super addictive.


7. Red Lips

Like the name suggests, this places sells something which would supposedly give you red lips – a favourite dish here in recent times, mala hotpot. It didn’t quite give me red lips because it wasn’t really that spicy, but it was pretty tasty actually! Not the usual strong, punchy Sichuan-style mala hotpot we get in the food courts, but more of a savoury, curated one (a mix of more variety in smaller quantities).

This was the house special I think, at S$9.90 and with some meat, some vegetables and some other delicious things like the fried tofu skin that I rather adore.


8. Muji Cafe

This cafe is exactly as you would expect – Japanese style minimalist decor, delicate food that is tastes wholesome and seems nutritious.

They offer a range of salads and rice dishes, but I think the bento set lunch is the most worth it – from around S$13.90 to $18.90 you can have a hot main (root vegetable stew, braised chicken or grilled fish – menu subject to changes), two side salads, a soup and a bowl of rice. Yummy!


9. Tapas Club

Squid ink paella

One sentence sums it up – cheap happy hour drinks and the food was actually also GOOD. At least the one time I went anyway (another colleague who paid it a second visit said that the food wasn’t as good that time).

This broccoli small plate was very moreish and the savoury, crispy snack well complemented by the slightly sweet red pepper sauce.

Overall a nice chill place to hang out and have a good time.


10. Birds of Paradise

If you’d already eaten and just want to grab a small treat while visiting the waterfall, Birds of Paradise is just the thing to hit the spot. It’s even right outside the waterfall, so you can take some away to enjoy while sitting there to watch it!

I love the fragrant thyme infused cones and botanical inspired ice cream flavours, in particular the White Chrysanthemum and Strawberry Basil. They’re all good, it just depends on whether you like more traditional flavours like Hazelnut, light floral or fresh and fruity ones.


Well there’s lots, lots more to see, do and eat at Jewel Changi Airport, but here is just a list of some of the places that I’ve tried and liked. Hope whoever is reading this will enjoy Jewel as much as I have. Do feel free to let me know if you have suggestions on things to try too or any questions about it!


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