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A cafe/restaurant by an architectural firm… sounds like it’d be visually stunning with beautiful but pretentious (and not very tasty food), right? Well, not quite.

redpan (if you stare at the middle closely enough you’ll see why it’s named as such) is a collaboration between DP Architects and GRUB, a culinary company advocating modern local food. And besides being a rather aesthetically pleasing place, it serves up surprisingly delicious food as well.

Redpan 5
Redpan’s Bak Chor Foie Gras Pasta

I wouldn’t really say that it’s ‘modern’ per se (because really, it’s just fusion and a stylish way of putting together the dish), but whatever people want to call it, I’ll just call it delicious.

The Bak Chor Foie Gras Pasta (S$19++) definitely had the right flavours of a bak chor mee with minced meat and vinegared mushrooms, and I liked the refreshing twist from the addition of pea shoots (dou miao), lime and cherry tomatoes. It was missing the quintessential crispy pork lard though, which would’ve made the dish even better.

Not sure I would order it again, but it was enjoyable enough.

Redpan 2
Fight off vampires with your breath after this

Another fusion pasta on their menu is the Prawn and Hae Bi Hiam Pasta (S$19++), which was surprisingly a great combination – the very garlicky, rich tasting prawn paste made for a delicious sauce with the pasta and prawns.

It got a little dry towards the end, but I still liked eating the flavourful, al dente linguine.

Redpan 1

A standout dish for me was the Steak Chinchalok (S$24++), a beautifully medium rare steak with lovely sharp flavours of lime, shallots and chilli. WHAT a lovely combination.

Although, I had this twice and – the meat was gorgeous and tender the first time but a little on the tough side the second time round. The taste of the sauce was still fabulous though, both times. I also liked that the mashed potatoes had a hint of charring and animal fat reduction.

Redpan 3
Not that fusion but yummy anyway

Also tried a few other dishes like the Truffle Fries (nice and crispy with a rich sauce) and the Fish and Chips (pretty normal) so far.

Redpan 4

redpan happens to be turning 3 this month, so there are a bunch of specials to look out for too if you visit in March!

From their IG page, it looks like these are – purchase 2 mains and get the 3rd free, and top up $3 to get a house made drink with your meal. Sounds good… Perhaps it’s time for another visit?

Redpan 6
Pretty classy and chic decor

Don’t remember that much about the service but I think it was average – not fantastic but not bad either. Overall a pleasant experience and I wouldn’t mind eating there again as the food is quite good!


6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square, #02-03/4
Singapore 039594

Tel: +65 6255 5850

Open daily from 11.00am to 10.00pm.


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