TP Tea | Popular Taiwan Tea Comes to Singapore

TP Tea 5

TP TEA (茶汤会), a tea brand from Taiwan with around 30 years of experience and expertise in preparing tea, has opened in Singapore as of 27 June 2018! This company doesn’t just brew and blend, but also handles the process of selecting the tea leaves.

Curious as to what the fuss was about, I and some colleagues who are closet (and a couple not-so-closet) bubble tea lovers, decided to brave the queue on Day 2 to try it out.


I got their house special, the Tieguanyin Tea Latte ($4.60) with mini pearls (+$0.60). There was indeed some difference in the tea – it is brewed fresh, and thus was more fragrant and less tannic. I also like that they use fresh milk VS powder.

I did enjoy the tea, but the pearls were a little too common for me as I tend to prefer those which are a little chewier and/or flavoured (can anyone say brown sugar?). Also, it seemed a little on the pricey side.

TP Tea 3
The Tieguanyin Tea Latte with Pearls (small ones, can be changed to boba – big ones)

We went back again on the third day they were open and the queue was thankfully more manageable. I tried a hot Classic Milk Tea ($2.90) this time at 30% sugar – I usually have 0% but thought I’d try having some as they use cane sugar.

The taste was there, a rich tea highlight came through – but it was a tad bit too sweet for me though so I might get 0% next time.

TP Tea 4
A warm comforting cup of tea

Walked by again a week later and it looks like the initial queues have dissipated a bit so perhaps now is the time to try it, if you want to.

TP Tea 1
The crowd on Day 2 of the opening, it continued behind us

And oh, did I mention? It’s open 24/7, so if you want to stay perky on your flight to catch up on all those in-flight movies, it’s an option!

TP Tea
Changi Airport Terminal 2
60 Airport Boulevard
Departure Hall, #026-015-01
Singapore 819643



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