Sushiro | Good Value Bara Chirashi Don in the North of Singapore

*UPDATE: This restaurant has now renamed to Omoté Singapore.

Premium Bara Chirashi Don 1

Everyone has probably heard of Sushiro by now, with many people touting it as the ‘cheapest bara chirashi don in Singapore’. Or, one of the cheapest at least. At $12.80 for a seemingly generous serving of chunky cubes of raw fish on rice, it’s pretty good value.

I, being the greedy girl I am, went straight for the Premium Bara Chirashi Don (S$24.80) after around half an hour in line. Because hey, go for the delicious looking mountain because to be honest, I might not go all the way to Thomson and wait in line for this again.

And I was so enamored by the food (and hungry) that I forgot to take pictures of the restaurant. But anyway, you don’t care about that right – you just came here for the food.

Premium Bara Chirashi Don 2

About that, I felt that the raw fish slices while not the most fresh, ranked pretty high up on the ‘sashimi freshness scale’ as they were quite firm and bouncy and didn’t sag too much (less fresh ones tend to be a bit on the soggy and limp looking side).

Sushiro is also not too heavy handed on the saucing (unlike some other bara chirashi places), so you can tweak the level of saltiness you like with added soy sauce and wasabi.

Premium Bara Chirashi Don 3

And while the Premium Bara Chirashi Don (aka The Mountain) actually had less seafood than it looked (as the rice was piled up higher than the level of the bowl), it was still a sufficiently big enough portion to satisfy me (and that is saying a lot). I was all sashimi-ed out after this.

I enjoyed the bara chirashi at Sushiro and wouldn’t mind going back again if ever I happen to be in the area – whether I will go down all the way to the Thomson area again specifically to have this, I am not sure.

But what a delightful weekend lunch it was!

Soup Restaurant
Well I did have a picture of (in) the queue… haha


Sushiro Singapore
301 Upper Thomson Road
#01-22/30 Thomson Plaza
Singapore 574408


Open from Wednesdays to Mondays from 11.45am to 2.30pm (lunch) and 5.45pm to 9.30pm (dinner). Closed on Tuesdays.


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