Endless Crab Party Buffet | Parkroyal at Kitchener Road

Some Sort of Crab
Come to mama, dear crabs!

I LOVE crabs. Their tender flesh and sweet succulent taste of the sea, is something so delightful, so beautiful. And it pleases, it does. Well, for me anyway, at least.

So a crab buffet where I can taste a wide plethora of crabs cooked many different ways really sounded fantastic to me.  And off I went to the Endless Crab Party Buffet at Spice Brasserie, PARKROYAL at Kitchener Road.

Different Crabs
Some of the flavours you can get at the buffet – Crispy, Asian Spices, Salted Egg Yolk, Chili (clockwise from bottom left)

Rows and rows of crabs, fried items and other snacks stared at me upon entering. Some were delicious but some pretty mediocre – I guess that’s pretty normal for a buffet.

Crab Beehoon
So much yumminess on one plate

For example, the noodles of the Crab Bee Hoon dish were absolutely lovely – every strand soaked with delicious crab broth, but the crab itself was slightly tough and dry (probably cooked for a little too long).

Chilli Crab
The flavourful chili crab

I really liked the Chili Crab one too, it had a good amount of spice and a bit of sweetness. Was looking forward to the Salted Egg Yolk crab but found it a bit on the dry side (prefer it to be be saucier), and thought the Black Pepper was just okay.

The Asian Spice flavour was pretty good, with a mix of different spices that livened up the crab meat.

Black Pepper Crab
The Black Pepper… or Asian Spice, I forget

There’s also a live cooking station where some types of crabs are prepared ‘fresh’ upon order, the Pumpkin Crab in Claypot, Steamed Crab in Chinese Wine, and Rock Salt and Pepper Crab.

The first one is definitely a huge plus for me, because I adore almost everything cooked with pumpkin. And it’s served piping hot too, another plus.

Pumpkin Crab
Plump crab in sweet and savoury pumpkin sauce
Steamed Crab
The light tasting steamed crab with Chinese wine

Oh and there’s also some lobster included at this crab buffet too! Each diner gets one portion of a grilled mentaiko half lobster… but honestly, I prefer the crab – this was a little on the dry/tough side too.

I did enjoy the lobster porridge though, that was pretty tasty and had condiments that I like (spring onions and fried garlic FTW).

Grilled Lobster
Mentaiko anything is very welcome
Nothing like a warm, comforting bowl of porridge

Coffee, tea, fruits and desserts are also offered at this crab party buffet, if you feel stuffed up with too much crab and want to wash it all down with something sweet or refreshing. I had some ice cream with random sprinkles and sauce, yummo.

Inside Spice Brasserie

As a crustacean lover, this buffet was very enjoyable for me. If you are not a fan of crabs, there’s no need to even bother about this as there are very few non-crab dishes (some salad, sushi, chicken etc dishes but those are really not worth the price).

For pincer lovers… good news! There’s no need to fight with your family and friends (or politely-give-it-up-although-you-don’t-really-want-to) for this prime part at this buffet because there are PLENTY.

I used the Ladyironchef promo discount for my meal, which is at S$120++ for 2 pax until 30 September 2017. Regular prices stated below and at PARKROYAL’s website here (there are some credit card discounts too).


Endless Crab Party Buffet Dinner at Spice Brasserie (Thursdays to Sundays, eve of and on Public Holidays), until 30 September 2017
Adult: S$79++, Child: S$35
PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road
181 Kitchener Rd
Singapore 208533
Tel: +65 6428 3160
Open daily from 12.00pm to 2.30pm for lunch and 6.00pm to 10.00pm for dinner
Nearest Station: Farrer Park


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