Grain Traders | My New Absolute Favourite Place For Lunch


I am besotted. Sorry The Daily Cut, I have a new love now in terms of lunch places.

The name of my current beloved is Grain Traders, a fairly new ‘slow food real fast’ eatery in the CBD that serves up awesome, healthy warm meals you can mix-and-match to your heart’s desire.


At S$16 per bowl it does seem a little more on the pricey side compared to other salad places, but for the quality and quantity of the dishes I would say that it is pretty worth it.

For this price, you can either choose from the pre-mixed bowls or make your own with 1 base + 1 protein + 1 hot vegetable + 2 cold vegetables (or 1 more hot veg instead) + 1 topping + 1 sauce.


Besides the usual salad base, Grain Traders (as its name suggests) has a few complex carb options too, which is GREAT.

My go-to choice is usually quinoa as it has a higher protein content, but there are also options like bulgur wheat, brown rice and soba noodles available too.


For protein, there is a selection of steak, roast chicken, pulled pork, salmon, seared tuna and lentil patties for the vegetarians.

So far, the salmon is my favourite as it is usually tender, moist and flavourful.


The hot vegetable selection is nothing short of wonderful, with the superbly umami grilled furikake corn (FAV), a savoury beetroot + carrot mix, gorgeous sweet potato + squash mix, and sometimes an assorted green vegetables mix.


I can’t really advise on the cold vegetables as I always get the same ones (or 2 hot vegetables instead), but the ones I usually choose (cherry tomatoes and bean sprouts) are really delicious too.

Daily Cut’s new outlet at 100AM, Tanjong Pagar

Toppings-wise I recommend the furikake and fried onions and sauce-wise the miso caramel, Asian gravy – actually, they are all nice.

All in all, Grain Traders is an amazing place to have a healthy yet satisfying and comforting meal. Not at all like eating rabbit food (certain salads…).

Go on, try it, you won’t regret! #MIXEATLOVE


Grain Traders
138 Market Street
#01-01/02/03, CapitaGreen
Singapore 048946

100 Tras Street
#01-03/04, 100AM Mall
Singapore 079027



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