Video | Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting a skilled (and friendly) barista who has over 10 years of experience in coffee, at the Food&HotelAsia2016 mega trade show.

I never really thought about it, but there are actually a bazillion (maybe a slight exaggeration there) factors to consider in roasting quality coffee beans and brewing a cup of fragrant, wonderful tasting coffee – like the duration of roasting, coarseness of coffee granules, ratio of coffee powder to water, temperature of water, type of filter and many more.

I also learnt that for the specialty coffee industry, coffee cherries are picked, evaluated (with defective ones thrown away) and then depending on the type of green coffee beans they want, washed or dried or have their skin peeled off – and then it can be roasted. And that the quality of the beans and how they are processed, affects the final product that you get.

Did you know that the longer you roast coffee, the less acidic it becomes, losing its original flavours and becoming more bitter?

For a beverage that I drink practically everyday, it was quite enriching for me to find out more about the harvesting, roasting and brewing process, and how to better appreciate it. Its refreshing to get a feel for appreciating coffee and not just blindly gulp it down for the caffeine boost.

If you haven’t already, check out the video above to find out more 🙂

More about Danny Pang, the barista in the video:

Danny is the Managing Director of Barista’s Craft, a beverage and hospitality training company serving Singapore & Asia Pacific region, which is currently exhibiting their services and products at SpecialityCoffee&Tea, one of the specialised exhibitions at FHA2016. Danny is the first Coffeeologist of Coffee Consulate Germany from South East Asia. He leads Barista’s Craft which offers services to companies, organizations and individuals in pursuit of service quality, personal growth and managerial excellence within the Specialty Coffee Industry.

*Disclaimer: This post is written purely from my personal point of view, but the video and information was obtained in my capacity as a PR consultant for the trade show.


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