5 Apps to use for Food Photos

Let’s be honest, do you post process your foods photos before posting them online? Okay maybe not everyone does, but if you could make your food photos look more exciting and mouthwatering in just 5 minutes or less, would you?

Here are some mobile phone apps that I like to use. Don’t say I never share!


This app has a knack of instantly giving all your photos a dreamy, whimsical feel.Select from a range of over 10 preset filters (more can be obtained at a fee), adjust the strength of the filter and other levels and voila! A pretty photo.

My favourites are Mellow and Hypebeast.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Durian Pengat from Sinpopo, likely with a lightly applied Hypebeast 1 filter


2. Snapseed

I really like using this app on food photos because it enhances the vibrancy and clarity without making it look artificial.

You can also tweak many different characteristics of the photo – brightness, ambiance, contrast, saturation, shadows (really useful for photos taken in dim areas), details and more.

There is also a function for selective editing on the photo, which I find rather useful!

Breadtalk Croissant
Mini Salted Egg Yolk Croissant from Breadtalk, with increased values for brightness, ambiance, saturation and shadows

MeituPic3. MeituPic (美图秀秀)

Now this is an interesting one. I think not many people know this, but its acne removal tool is actually really great to remove sauce splashes and errant garnishes (or crumbs) too!

And of course there are also a whole bunch of lovely filters to make your photo look vintage, futuristic, dreamy, or like it just got a nice facial (the skin smoothening tool or the dedicated beauty filters).

Before and After
Can you see the difference?

Foodie4. Foodie by LINE

Besides dedicated filters to make your food pictures look good, what I particularly like about this app is its ‘TOP’ function. This helps you to align your phone above your food to get the perfect angle for one of those popular flat lay shots.

The filter names are really cute too – Yum, Fresh, Chewy, Crispy, Sweet and more.

Crayfish Horfun
Top down view of the popular crayfish horfun from the Hong Lim Food Centre in Chinatown

Moldiv5. Moldiv

One of my favourite collage apps, Moldiv allows you to combine up to a whopping 16 photos into one. I also like that you can adjust the size of the individual frames.

Great for putting together a single snapshot of the various items one indulged on at a buffet. There are also magazine style collages (I never really use this function though).

Escape at One Farrer

And there we have it! The 5 photo editing apps that will make your journey of chronicling the things you eat a little more fun, I hope… enjoy 😉

Note: All apps are free and available for download on both the Apple and the Google Play stores.


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