All About Food! Trends in 2016?

Okay so I know it’s March already, but hey, I can still write about food trends which I think will take off over the course of this year right?

Monster Curry
Not sure if the giant bowl of food thing will become a trend, but its a pretty fun novelty experience

For many of us, food is something that we love with our hearts and souls, and is a space where there are constant innovations to create better options and varieties for people to enjoy.

Here are some of the possible trends in food that I believe will grow in 2016:

Fast fresh food is the future

The Daily Cut Steak
The awesome hearty salads from The Daily Cut

Let’s face it. We want to be fit and hot, but feel like we don’t always have the time or the desire to eat the clean food that we really should, in order to achieve this.

So the emergence of fast ‘healthy food’ chains like Shinkansen, Lean Bento and Sushi Burrito and more shouldn’t come as such a big surprise. 2015 saw places offering quick and easy salads, soups and wraps sprouting up and in 2016 this looks to continue, with increasing popularity.

Even fast food trends are following suit. A Grilled Chicken McWrap, anyone?

Food with a surprise (mostly salted egg yolk) core

Salted Egg Yolk Croissant
Antoinette’s salted egg yolk croissant (S$6.50++)… had it at home and didn’t heat it enough I think, so not much oozing there

Salted egg yolk and croissants. Not a usual pairing one might expect, but nevertheless, our little island is going crazy over this new phenomenon. More of the like are popping up, with some choosing to have their oozy salted egg yolk filling coming out of hot cross buns or lava cakes.

But salted egg yolk croissants were not the first to feature an interesting filling – St Marc’s Cafe has been doing it for years (and still going strong), with its delicious mochi stuffed mini croissants. Starbucks’ red velvet muffins also feature a yummy cream cheese centre of sorts, Baker & Cook has its bombolinis (custard or jam stuffed donuts), and Cherry Garden has its dark chocolate liu sha baos.

I guess people just want their cake and eat it too… or should I say want their cake and have it with even more amazing flavours within it. I foresee more of such food marriages this year – maybe a macaron ball with a molten sea salt caramel centre?

And yesterday, I just ate this. Mmmmm.

The K fever will continue to spread

Churro 101’s tagline is ‘Better than a boyfriend’, not sure if that’s true

From Korean soap dramas to boy bands and to food, Singaporeans seem to be in love with all things K-related.

One of the most popular churros (a snack allegedly invented by the Spanish) shops here, is the Churros 101 chain from South Korea. Korean fried chicken is everywhere too, and fast food trends mirror this, offering Korean-style dishes, like KFC’s ‘Yang Yeum Fried Chicken’.

And have you seen all the Korean bingsu (iced dessert) cafes that have opened recently? I rest my case.

Instagrammable edible art

Berry Hotcake.jpg
The very much instagrammed Berry Ricotta Hotcake from Paddy Hills

Are you one of those people who will take a picture of their food before eating it? No? You might well be in the minority.

These days, Singaporeans can be spotted through the glass windows of some hipster cafe snapping away at a precariously balanced, beautiful work of edible art before everyone at the table is allowed to eat.

It’s not enough to serve food that tastes good – now, it has to look good too. Did you think those flower garnishes are really there for their taste?

Delivery is becoming cool again

Remember those days when it was all the rage to order in McDonald’s, pizza or fried chicken when friends came over? I think we all got a bit tired of the options though, and the delivery scene was quiet for a while. But a worldwide delivery revolution is happening.

Third-party companies are offering to deliver food from a wide range of restaurants (like Italian, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Western etc) for affordable fees (less than what the restaurants would charge anyway), we can now easily have our pick of restaurant and cuisine to be enjoyed in the comfort of our own homes.

Foodpanda and Deliveroo are two which we have here – I’ve tried the former and it’s quite fast and easy; no comments on the latter as it doesn’t deliver to my area (Bukit Timah).

Overall, this benefits lazy, couch potato me. Yay!


I’m sure there are many, many more developments in the food scene that are not covered here, but this is just a little snapshot based on my personal observations.

What do you think? Are there some big food trends that I might have missed?


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