I’m back from Bali!

Bali View
Oh how beautiful the view of the sunrise from the top of a mountain can be
Hi everyone! So this is not a full out blog post on my recent trip to Ubud in Bali, but I just wanted to write a quick update that… I’m back! And that Ubud is truly a wonderful, peaceful place that one can easily spend 2 weeks in.

I went there on a solo trip with the intention of getting away and devoting some time to myself, and it was a really revitalizing experience for me.

Processed with MOLDIV
Some yoga inversions I’ve been working on… hmm
From daily yoga practice, trying out meditation and getting in touch with my spiritual side, eating nourishing food (and some of the famous sinful local eats too), I would totally recommend it for anyone trying to… love yourself a little more.

Bali Guling
The popular (and truly quite delicious) Babi Guling from Ibu Oka in Ubud
The whole vibe over there is so relaxed, with a great sense of mindfulness – most establishments use glass, bamboo or natural plant-based straws, food is locally sourced and slow cooked, using fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bali Quote
Words I try to live by
You can eat your meals next to or within padi fields, watch the sun rise or set, and just forget about everything except the very moment.

It gives one an incredible sense of peace and happiness.

Bali Mango
Lovely mango fruit bowl from the organic AA Juicery and Cafe in Ubud
Of course, every place has its faults and there’s poverty, theft (heard of but did not experience), touts, mice (this I do have a lot of experience with…) around, but to me, this is the reality of life and there is no good without bad and vice versa.

Bali Pose
Attempting a (not very good I know) Warrior 2 pose on top of Mt Batur
As a travel destination for the solo female traveler (especially if your purpose is to enrich your personal well-being), Ubud is definitely a place I would recommend that you spend some time at.

It all sounds very Eat, Pray, Love I know, but sometimes, dedicating some time to yourself can be extremely rewarding. Try it sometime perhaps? 😉


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