Froth Cafe | New Cafe at Middle Road Underwhelming

I first noticed this cafe when I walked past Big Hotel on Middle Road. Covering most of the basement floor, next to a reduced-size hotel lobby, the spacious Froth with its white walls and warm lighting looked like a cosy place to hang out.

Pleased about discovering a new place around the studio to eat at, I proceeded to look it up online for some pictures and reviews. Which weren’t quite ringing with praise, but weren’t awful either.

Froth Cafe, quite spacious and bright
Froth Cafe, quite bright and open

There were many items in their menu which sounded quite good, and the location suited me, so I decided to give it a try.

Upon entering, the warm ambience and high ceiling welcomed me and I enjoyed the airy feeling of the place.

The tom yam seafood risotto at Froth
The tom yam seafood risotto at Froth

To our disappointment, the Cheesy Lobster Sandwich (S$22) which my friend V and I were looking forward to trying, was unfortunately not available that night. We decided to have other ‘signature’ dishes, the Seafood Tom Yam Risotto (S$23.90) for her and a Portobello Burger (S$16.90) with no bun and fries upgraded to Truffle Fries (+S$3.00).

These were unfortunately very, very average – the portobello burger dish tasted like the kind you can get at a hawker centre, and the tom yam risotto was kind of sour, in a not particularly appealing way.

My no-bun portabello burger and truffle fries
My no-bun portabello burger and truffle fries

We also shared a Doritos Crust Winglets (S$11.90) which sounded delicious – however in my (our) opinion this dish fell flat. The doritos crust while still fairly crispy made the dish really dry, and it was a lot spicier than expected. The taste of the chicken was also completely overpowered by the mountain of doritos they were covered in.

The sounded-interesting-but-turned-out-rather-weird doritos crusted chicken wings
The sounded-interesting-but-turned-out-rather-weird doritos crusted chicken wings

For dessert, I took a long time to choose a daily bake from the counter and also contemplated ordering the signature Taro Waffle which I had been seeing online, but ultimately decided to go for a Nutella Cheesecake (S$8.90) paired with a scoop of Sea Salt Caramel ice cream (S$4.50).

Nutella cheesecake with sea salt caramel ice cream
Nutella cheesecake with sea salt caramel ice cream

The ice cream was pretty good, smooth and flavourful with just the right balance of sweetness and saltiness. The cake however was a little too thick and rich – it was like nutella and cheese packed tightly into a brick which someone is using to hit you with.

It didn’t actually taste bad though, and I quite liked the fresh hazelnuts on top. I just felt like there was not enough finesse in the cake, which made it hard to sustain enjoyment in it and so after a few bites we left the rest untouched.

Inside Froth Cafe
Inside Froth Cafe

Service was alright but not particularly warm or great. I walked over to the counter where 3 staff were standing to give them my bill because I didn’t want to wait for someone to (occasionally) come by my table in the corner.

Froth seemed like it was bubbling with potential – unfortunately, they were not able to deliver on that (for me anyway), perhaps not yet. Maybe if they make some tweaks and improve their menu.


Froth Cafe
Big Hotel, 200 Middle Road

Tel: +65 6336 1228

Open for breakfast from 7.00am to 10.30am daily and lunch / dinner from 11.30am to 10.00pm. Closed every first Monday of the month.


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