Kau Kee | Probably the Best Beef Brisket Noodles I’ve Ever Had

Kau Kee's glorious curry tendon noodles mmm
Kau Kee’s glorious curry tendon noodles mmm…

Ahhh, Kau Kee. Before I went to Hong Kong this time, I did some research on places to eat. And in many of my searches and chats with friends, Kau Kee came up a few times, and with glowing reviews.

I was initially a bit skeptical, can a beef brisket noodle stall really be that good?

After I entered the small cosy store and sat down at a table shared with many others, I was soon made aware of the bustling ambiance – people moving in and out at a quick pace, amidst happy slurping sounds.

Inside the 'dai pai dong'
Inside the popular ‘dai pai dong’

I battled a bit between the original Beef Brisket Noodles and the Curry Beef Tendon Noodles, and decided to have the latter, which sounded more special… and besides, I LOVE tendon.

And when it arrived, steaming and packed to the brim in a deceptively small bowl with springy noodles and beefy goodness, I found happiness. Tucking in, I literally experienced a wondrous 15 minutes of pure delight as I enjoyed my noodles. The meal even put me in a good mood for the rest of the night.

The bowl was filled with generous, luscious pieces of soft, melt-in-your mouth beef tendon and flavourful, tender beef brisket. The bigger pieces of brisket could have done with a tiny bit less cooking I felt but nevertheless, they were still so very delicious.

Best. Beef. Noodles. Ever.
Best. Beef. Noodles. I. Ever. Had.

Combined with the springy, tasty flat egg noodles (they ran out of the popular e-fu noodles! go early!) and rich, intense curry sauce, this was without a doubt the best bowl of beef tendon noodles that I had ever eaten.

And for the price (HKD$43 or around S$7.90), I felt that it provided good value for money. I could eat this a few times a week, seriously. Well, when I’m not on a low carb diet anyway haha.

I also had a bowl of the broth that comes with the original beef brisket noodles (HKD$10 or around S$1.90) and it too was enjoyable – light and fragrant but every spoonful filled with flavour. My guess is that the original beef brisket noodles would be delicious too.

It was totally worth the trek up and down hills and small roads
It was totally worth the trek up and down hills and small roads

 Even the ice lemon tea (HKD$21 or around S$3.90) was yummy, not too sweet and with just the right balance of lemon and tea. I liked it.

Overall I had a wonderful experience at Kau Kee and would definitely go back again to have it if I ever visit Hong Kong again. Service is non-existent of course, but that’s pretty much the case everywhere in HK, and didn’t bother me too much as I was happy to just keep calm and eat my noodles.

I heard that queues are common - this was at around 9 something when I finished my meal
I heard that queues are common – this was at around 9+pm on a Saturday night after I finished my meal

Took only around 10 minutes or less for me to get seated. It’s easy to seat one I guess!

If you are visiting Hong Kong, these beef noodles are not to be missed.

Hou sek worrr! 🙂

Happiness Index 4 Half

Kau Kee
21 Gough Street, Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Central or Sheung Wan
(I suggest you consult Google Maps before going, or at the MTR station at the free WiFi spot. It’s nearer Sheung Wan but I walked from Central and found the distance okay.)

Open Mondays to Saturdays from 12.30pm to 10.30pm, closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.


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