Stirling Highway, Ulu Pandan

It’s another cafe post! What can I say, I really like cafes.

There’s just something about kicking back to chill out and have a nice cup of coffee or tea, with some sweet and savoury goodies. Better on weekends, but hey, makes for a nice and relaxing weekday lunch too.

The food at Stirling
The fresh, made-to-order food at Stirling Highway

Stirling Highway takes the place of Haato at the sleepy Ridgewood Close condominium, tucked away at a corner of Ulu Pandan, so it is understandably pretty quiet during weekdays.

Upon entering Stirling Highway
Upon entering Stirling Highway

It is a small cafe and can probably only fit around 25-30 people at maximum. They could’ve laid out the tables more efficiently, but hey, I suppose they wanted to keep it as a casual, spacious place.

What a happy, colourful pasta!
What a happy, colourful pasta!

We went for the recommended dishes, the Pesto Prawn Spaghetti ($16) and the Pulled Pork Pancakes ($14).

Both were quite pleasant and enjoyable, the pasta with a good kick of pesto and fresh crunchy prawns and tomatoes. I felt the spaghetti could have been a bit more al dente, but it was alright.

Mmmmm pancakes + butter + whiskey sauce, yummy!
Mmmmm pancakes + butter + whiskey sauce, yummy!

The Pulled Pork Pancakes, wow. Not quite the usual thick sort but I liked it anyway as they were soft and fluffy, and went really well with the savoury tender pork and smoky Jack Daniel’s sauce.

The various elements of the dish came together surprisingly well – I particularly enjoyed the mild whisky aftertaste in every bite.

The yummy , gooey salted caramel tart
The yummy , gooey salted caramel tart

For desserts, we had the Salted Caramel Tart and a slice of the Strawberry Cheese/Shortcake.

What a pretty cake!
What a pretty cake!

The tart was lovely – it had a nice balance of salty and sweet flavours and was a great close to the meal.

I also tried the Ice Wine Tea, which was really fragrant and light. Very enjoyable!


Stirling Highway
5 Ridgewood Close, Unit G1
Singapore 276696

Tel: 6464 9607

Open on weekdays from 11am to 9pm, closed on Tuesdays. Open on weekends from 9am to 9pm.


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