[Closed] 5 Little Bears, Far East Plaza

Ah Taiwanese food. Juicy fried chicken chops, silky smooth mee sua and fragrant beef noodle soup and more – gotta admit that there is some allure to the cuisine on offer.

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks brought us some of these, to be enjoyed while on-the-go. 5 Little Bears (I don’t really understand the name but I guess it’s as good as any) is now bringing to us a casual, sit-down space where we can have a variety of Taiwanese snacks in a cosy environment at reasonable prices.

Yummy Taiwan beef noodle soup
Yummy Taiwanese beef noodle soup

We tried the Kaoshiung Beef Noodles Set (S$9.50 with choice of Red, Wintermelon or Milk tea), which had a piping hot, tasty broth with a bit of spice.

The beef could have been a bit more tender and juicy, but for the price I guess it was alright. I liked the generous amount of salted vegetables garnishing the dish though which I felt helped the flavours pop more.

Oyster Mee Sua
The soft and smooth mee sua soup

The Taipei Oyster Mee Sua (S$5.5 including a tea of choice) was smooth and soft, in a slightly thick sauce and around 5 oysters. The flavours were not very strong, which I guess would be good for people with gentler palates. I personally prefer stronger tasting food, but this was alright still, not too bland.

What we really liked though, was the Teriyaki Chicken Bites ($3), which was nice, sweet and crispy. The chicken was quite tender too. The only thing is, it seemed more like a Korean dish than a Taiwanese one?

Bite-sized happy food at 5 Little Bears
Bite-sized happy food at 5 Little Bears

The Sour Plum Sweet Potato ($3) was pretty enjoyable, though I thought that the sweet potato itself could have perhaps been a bit more flavourful.

I rather liked the Wintermelon tea too, refreshing and not too sweet. I think you can also add pearls to your tea if you want, at an additional cost.

Very suitably decorated
Very suitably decorated, giving off an authentic feel

While it is mostly a self service joint – you collect your food at a counter when your timer beeps, the staff are friendly and greet you when you arrive and leave. Nice.

Coupled with the red lanterns hanging throughout the eatery, 5 Little Bears is offering a little taste of Taiwan! Apparently their ingredients are even brought in from there. I think I shall try their Braised Pork Belly Rice next time.

Hmm makes me feel like doing a post on street food I had in Taiwan too… stay tuned!

Happiness Index 3


5 Little Bears
Far East Plaza, #01-07
14 Scotts Road
Singapore 228213

Tel: +65 6836 5198
Website: http://www.5littlebears.com

Open daily from 11.30am – 10.30pm.


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