Home-style Soups by Freshen Foods

Freshen Foods' Lotus Root Soup with Peanuts
Freshen Foods’ Lotus Root Soup with Peanuts

I’ve always loved drinking soup. In fact, I was having a bowl of soup from Soup Spoon, as I started writing this. Chinese soups, Western soups and even spicy Thai ones – I would usually finish every single drop.

Not sure if it’s my Asian upbringing, but to me, there is just something extremely comforting and satisfying about a bowl of piping hot soup.

And today I would like to share with all you fellow soup lovers, a great new product that can satisfy that late night soup craving at home or even the office. I don’t know about you, but I actually do get these sometimes.

Product photos supplied by Freshen Foods
Product photos supplied by Freshen Foods

Home-style soups by Freshen Foods was recently introduced this month by a fellow soup lover and a dear friend of mine, Pamela Phua. Having grown up with soups boiled at home by her grandmother and later, even at work with packed bottles of soup, Pam too loves the taste and goodness of double-boiled Chinese soups.

But making such soups takes time, which is a commodity that many of us, sadly but truly, do not have. So Pam had the idea to create a pre-packaged product for our favourite Chinese soups, which anyone can enjoy at anytime, as long as they have a microwave, pot and stove, or a kettle and a bowl.

And it was really simple to make. I just peeled the pack open, poured the contents out, popped it into the microwave for 2 minutes (I think the pack said 3, but it depends on your microwave) and voila, piping hot soup!

The packaged soups at NTUC
The packaged soups at NTUC Fairprice (bought them on sale earlier this month!)

The lotus root one that I tried was tasty and pretty authentic. And there were actual whole ingredients inside. I was quite surprised at the number of peanuts.

Another thing I was genuinely surprised about was how long it could keep for. The expiry date on my packs were all the way till the end of 2015  / early 2016. Apparently, retort food processing technology that uses pressurised steam for heat sterilisation was used to achieve this.

Quite amazing. And the all-natural ingredients (no preservatives and MSG) used helped me to feel good about consuming it, as I’ve recently been quite conscious of the fake stuff, chemicals and sugar in the crap I eat.

Do consider giving it a try, for an instant, wholesome meal or snack!

Flavour  Features
Lotus Root & Peanut Chicken Soup (With Red Date & Wolfberry)
• Enjoy the tantalising crunch of lotus root and earthy flavoursof peanut, red date and wolfberry with chicken drumlet, garnished with sliced cuttlefish in this traditional favourite
• 165 calories per packet
• Retail price: $6.95
Carrot & Potato Chicken Soup (With Onion)
• Savour a hearty mix of carrot, potato and onion with chicken drumlet for this comforting classic, also nicknamed the “ABC Soup”
• 90 calories per packet

Freshen Food Home-Style Soups are available at the following retailers:
• Kee Song Online (http://online.keesong.com)
• NTUC FairPrice, FairPrice Finest and FairPrice Xtra (major outlets)

And will soon be available at:
• The Butcher’s Dog (Great World City #B2-11)
• Four Seasons Gourmet Market (Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-49)
• Redmart (http://redmart.com)


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