Jimmy Monkey, One North

Jimmy Monkey Collage

And here’s another post on one of the One North cafés. Jimmy Monkey has been at One North Residences for around 3 years already though, so I wouldn’t say that it is a new upstart in the area.

Jimmy Monkey's unassuming entrance
Jimmy Monkey’s unassuming entrance

At the corner of a sleepy residential block next to a shop selling picture frames, you might just walk right past it if you weren’t specifically going there. But don’t be mistaken, it can get pretty busy on weekends and even weekdays during lunchtime.

Quite nice huh, the One-North Residences
Quite nice eh, the One-North Residences

The dinner crowd is pretty sparse though, so it’s nice and chill. Yet they took quite some time to prepare my food – but it’s an open kitchen and you can see the dishes being prepared on order. So thankfully, not microwaved meals.

I had the weekend Jimmy‘s Lazy Eggs brunch quite some time back so don’t remember it too well, but I liked the fresh mesclun leaves and tangy dressing (I swapped out the bread for a bigger portion) and nicely roasted tomatoes. The cappuccino I think was pretty decent – friends have said that they thought the coffee here is good too. I felt the food was slightly on the pricey side though – it came up to around $21 for my plate (you can mix and match and then pay the total price of the items).

Unfortunately the weekend breakfast options aren’t available during weekdays (only till 10.30am) for lunch and dinner.

The fluffy Ooh La La omelette
The fluffy Ooh La La omelette

So at a weekday for lunch earlier this year, I had an Ooh La La – a 3-egg omelette with gruyere, parmigiano, brie, and wild mushrooms on the side ($14). You can also opt to add ham at an additional cost (around $4). I remember this being quite fluffy and delicious but as I was nearing the end of it, I found a HAIR. Yucks.

Anyway, other weekday lunch options include pastas, sandwiches and tartines. And even a rib eye steak with pink peppercorn sauce, if you fancy!

The juicy spatchcock
The juicy spatchcock

For dinner recently after trying out a nearby yoga studio Meraki (which was not bad), I had the Rosemary Spatchcock ($26), marinated with rosemary (duh), chilli, garlic and beer. Other options include Gravlax Salmon Aglio Olio and Pork Cheeks with Garlic Mash.

I found the spatchcock quite tasty – the meat juicy and tender, with the herbs and flavour coming through. Some light, brown sauce also helped to keep the dish nice and moist.

Tried a Strawberry Smoothie ($8) too, it was fresh and refreshing but I felt it could have been a bit thicker.

The warm cosy interior of Jimmy Monkey's
The warm cosy interior of Jimmy Monkey’s

Jimmy Monkey has a nice vibe, with friendly but not over eager staff, and an air of artistic romanticism (quaint furniture, happening pillows, dim lighting). I’d go back again (for the fourth time) if I’m not feeling too poor then!

Happiness Index 3



Jimmy Monkey
One-North Residences
#01-51, 9 One-North Gateway
Singapore 138645

Tel: +65 6777 8470
Website: http://www.jimmymonkey.com

Open on Mondays to Fridays from 8.30am to 8.30pm (believe it has now been extended till 10pm, do call before going) and weekends from 8.30am to 6pm.


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