Envy Coffee, One North

So deep.
So deep

It sometimes feels like there’s a new café opening in Singapore every minute.

And the Buona Vista/One North area, with its nearby Fusionopolis, Biopolis and Metropolis office buildings as well as the somewhat quiet but quite upmarket One North and Rochester residential buildings, appears to be the latest in the string of upcoming ‘hip neighbourhoods’ where some of these aforementioned cafes are popping up.

Casual chic coffee counter. Wow that alliterates lots
Casual chic coffee counter. Wow that alliterates lots

Envy Coffee, one of the fairly new additions to this area, wants to offer work drones around the area a relaxing space away from their office desks, accompanied by ‘aromatic coffee and soft moist cakes’.

Envy's coffee at Envy Coffee hehehe
Envy’s coffee at Envy Coffee hehehe. Latte art is rather nice

And when I visited I indeed felt that the atmosphere was fairly chill and offered a respite from a hectic day – possibly because it was quiet and not too packed. Maybe people were deterred by the slightly long walk from the One North MRT station…

Quite a nice spread for lunch, I'd say
Quite a nice comfortable spread for lunch, I’d say

Anyway, though the place has a nice vibe, the menu is somewhat limited. If sandwiches and pasta are not your kind of thing, Envy Coffee might not be for you.

What they do they do pretty well though, as the Smoked Duck Miso Spaghetti and Pesto Chicken Sandwich that we tried were both pretty delicious.

Rich and tasty Miso Smoked Duck Spaghetti
Rich and tasty Miso Smoked Duck Spaghetti

For Envy Coffee’s signature dish, the smoked duck had good texture and flavour, pairing well with the rich creamy miso sauce and bouncy, well-cooked spaghetti.

The Pesto Chicken Sandwich was flavoured nicely with herbs and was luckily not too dry (I dislike dry sandwiches). The foccacia was warm and crisp on the outside but fluffy on the inside.

Enjoying my midday coffee
Enjoying my midday coffee

We took the option to add around $3.90 or 5.90 (I think?) to make it a meal, with a soup-of-the-day and a coffee of choice.

The soup was not too memorable but I think it was not bad, for the price at least. The meal upgrade to me was good value, because they allowed us to have mocha and cappuccino if we wanted, instead of regular black coffee.

With my Buona Vista / One North cafe exploring buddy, K!
With my Buona Vista / One North cafe exploring buddy, K!

We didn’t try the cakes as we were quite full by then, but I hear they are sourced from a bakery and are quite nice. Shall try one next time perhaps.

Prices were quite reasonable and staff were friendly, so it was overall a pretty good lunch experience there. By the way, they also sell some unique artisan / home made condiments like black beenut butter (chocolate + honey + peanut butter)!

Glass windows for natural light and warm hues make for a relaxing cafe
Glass windows for natural light and warm hues make for a relaxing cafe

Happiness Index 3



Envy Coffee, Nexus@One-North
#01-04, 1 Fusionopolis Link
Singapore 138542

Tel: +65 6710 4005
Website: http://www.envycoffee.com

Open from Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 6.00pm. Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.


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