10 Scotts, Grand Hyatt Singapore

The classy and cosy interior of 10 Scotts
The classy and cosy interior of 10 Scotts

One Sunday afternoon in June last year, Z decided on the spur of the moment that we should go for a nice afternoon tea. And so I tried to book a spot at Tea Lounge (Regent) and Brasserie Les Saveurs (St Regis), but was unsuccessful.

Searched around online and ended up with 10 Scotts at Grand Hyatt Singapore, since reviews seemed positive and they had seats available.

Yummy three tier bites
Three-tier stand with yummy local and Western bites

And we were pleasantly surprised by the lovely ambience and quality of food on offer.

Two days ago, we visited 10 Scotts once again for the afternoon tea buffet and had a good experience, so I think it’s about time I wrote a post on it.

Buffet Table
The self-service station with some cold and hot appetizers and desserts

The structure of the afternoon tea buffet is part self-service part table service – appetizers like ham, melon, bread, cheese, peking duck rolls, soup and some hot dishes as well as a selection of desserts can be found at a long table in the centre of the restaurant, while a three-tier stand of bites, scones and beverages were served upon request.

Cold Appetizers
Some of the appetizers on offer

Will probably let the pictures do most of the talking but basically, while the selection may not be as varied and plentiful as the popular afternoon tea places like the Regent or Shangri-La, we felt that they took care in delivering a high level of quality for each of their dishes offered.

Hot selection - peking duck rolls, mutton curry, achar and lontong
Hot selection – peking duck rolls, mutton curry, achar and lontong

One of the dishes I (and Z) really liked was the crab cake – a round ball coated with bread crumbs, fried to a crisp on the outside and stuffed with juicy crab meat inside, on a bed of creamy, tarty sauce. This was so good, we had three!

The luscious crab cake mmm
The luscious crab cake mmm
Hello from the writer of this blog… caught unaware while drinking my tea haha

The tea I had the second time round was really nice too –  ‘Pomme D’amour’, a black tea with apple, caramelized apple and maraschino flavours. This was just beautiful, really fragrant and balanced. I forgot what I had the last time but I think it was good too.

Apparently 10 Scotts uses the premium Dammann Frères tea from France, maybe that’s why it was so lovely!

Ice Creams
Absolutely delicious sorbet and ice cream

And the desserts, ohh. I think the sorbet pictured above was best I’ve had here in Singapore. It was to me the perfect harmony of tart and sweet, a burst of flavours in the mouth. Pity they didn’t have this on our second visit.

A good selection of desserts

The quality of the desserts was overall quite high – in addition to the awesome ice cream and sorbet (found in the fridge next to the self-service counter). We had mini puddings, tarts and creams, a real treat!

Novelty Desserts
Novelty desserts – these are both ice cream!

They also had a novelty desserts live station where the chef would prepare this within sight of patrons. Last year, we had a flowerpot ice cream with real flowers and crushed oreo cookies as the soil, which was really quite amusing.

This year we had an ‘omelette’ made out of ice cream, sorbet and bread – looked kind of cute but was nothing special in terms of taste, I felt.

Scone with Cream and Jam
The scones with clotted cream and jam were pretty good

We had scones both times too, and these were quite nice. Not super fantastic (could have been a tad bit more buttery and moist) but fairly nice and crumbly, with plump raisins within. Once slathered with clotted cream and jam, they were most delightful.

Z and I after our indulgent afternoon tea 🙂

Service was pretty good too, polite and helpful. And we really liked the relaxed, homely ambience of the place, probably created with the warm lighting, earth tones of the cushy sofas, furniture, and walls.

Three-tier stands are love!
Three-tier stands are love!

Everything tasted good if not at least not bad, and we really enjoyed ourselves there both times.

10 Scotts
The wood-themed 10 Scotts, great for a relaxing afternoon tea

This is a place we would probably go back to again when we have a craving for a lovely afternoon of lounging and indulging in food and drinks we love!



10 Scotts
Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road
Singapore 228211

Tel: +65 6732 1234
Website: http://singapore.grand.hyatt.com/en/hotel/dining/10SCOTTS.html

Afternoon tea has two seatings, 12.00 pm to 2.30 pm and 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm.


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