Mouth Restaurant, Plaza Singapura

Inside Mouth Restaurant
Inside Mouth Restaurant

Heard from a friend that Mouth Restaurant does a great custard bun (or liu sha bao for the local folks), and so we decided to drop by for this one weekend afternoon. We reached around 2pm, and it seemed like people were almost done eating by then as the place wasn’t too packed.

Rainbow dumplings!
Rainbow dumplings!

I was rather excited by the interesting colourful dumplings on the menu and so we ordered that, along with an assortment of the usual dim sum dishes.

The interesting Pan-fried Rice Rolls
The interesting Pan-fried Rice Rolls

We started with the Century Egg Congee (S$4.80) and the Pan-fried Rice Roll with Prawn and Char Siew (S$8.80).

The congee was the usual, nothing special, and the pan-fried rice roll dish I must say, was pretty unique. It tasted a bit like the XO Carrot Cake that many restaurants do, but with Chee Cheong Fun instead.

The beansprouts were nice and crunchy, the flavours were fairly good overall, though I could barely taste/see any prawn or char siew. Also rather unfortunate that it wasn’t quite as palatable when cold. Got kind of dry.

The various dishes we tried at Mouth
The various dishes we tried at Mouth

Then the Rainbow Dumplings (actually called Steam Prawn Har Gao in 6 different colours or something like that, S$9.80) arrived.

These actually tasted a lot less exciting than they looked, as there was only a faint hint of what each flavour was supposed to be – so I couldn’t quite tell what was what. The skin was also quite thick and doughy, and got cold and dry fast. Also not so good cold. Much unlike the Paradise Dynasty colourful Xiao long baos!

Nice sharp vinegar sauce prawn dumplings
Nice sharp vinegar sauce prawn dumplings

Other dishes we tried were the Spicy Vinegar Sauce Dumplings (S$5.20), the Xiao Long Bao (S$4.50), the Steamed Siew Mai (S$4.80) and the Deep Fried Banana Prawn Roll (S$3.50).

I thought the best out of these was the vinegar dumplings, as the sauce had a spicy yet sour and savoury kick to it and the dumpling was fairly tasty though dried up a bit too quickly as well.

Lovely Baked Salted Egg Yolk Buns mmm
Lovely Baked Salted Egg Yolk Buns mmm

And when we finally came to their Baked Salted Egg Yolk Buns (S$5.40), we were really hoping for the best. Thankfully, they lived up to their reputation.

It was GOOD. So good. Baking the bun is such a wonderful idea – making it nice and crispy on the outside (with a slight buttery taste too which contributed to its overall deliciousness) with a bit of an oily (and yummy) fried taste to it.

Oooh it oozes...
Oooh it oozes…

I was also pleased that the filling was the rich, molten gold that, in my opinion, should ooze like lava flowing down the sides of a volcano. Or something like that. Warm, at salty and sweet, and so satisfying.

My only complaint would be that they might’ve left it out a little too long, as it took ages to come and could be hotter. But still delicious though!

The meal came up to around S$30 per person, which I suppose is alright.

Mouth Restaurant at Plaza Singapura... seems like there's a high tea promotion!
Mouth Restaurant at Plaza Singapura… seems like there’s a high tea promotion!

I did find though that the overall quality of the dim sum was pretty so-so. And for S$5 more per pax, you can go to Paradise Pavilion, which has much better ambience and food. Even for regular chain places, I would still prefer Imperial Treasure as well if I was craving some standard Siew Mais and Har Gaos.

But I would visit them again just for their super delightful Baked Liu Sha Bao though!

Happiness Index 3
(because of the amazing salted egg yolk bun, of course)

Mouth Restaurant
Plaza Singapura, #02-01 (there is also a branch at China Square Central)
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839

Tel: +65 6337 7446

Open from  11.30am to 10pm on weekdays and 11am to 10pm on weekends and public holidays.


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