Baker & Cook, Hillcrest Road

The lovely, chill Baker & Cook
The lovely, chill Baker & Cook

Popped by Baker & Cook recently seeking a quick light lunch and was rather pleasantly surprised by it.

A simple, unassuming yet chic bakery cafe in Bukit Timah filled with loaves and loaves of beautifully baked breads, the place had a warm, inviting vibe, perhaps due to its wood, white and glass furnishings. I felt comfortable and relaxed, in like a stylish home-away-from-home environment.

Becoming a caffeine addict... but man coffee is so good
Becoming a caffeine addict… but man coffee is just so good

I quite enjoyed the coffee, loved my Spanish omelette dish (S$16), and absolutely adored the toasted German multi-grain bread that came with it. Do bear with me as I rave a little about this.

The thinly sliced bread gave a most delightful crunch that brought with it a full, nutty whole grain flavour. It went superbly well with some butter (by request) and sweet raspberry and apricot jams, which were laid out on the counter tables.

Yummy house jams!
Yummy house jams!

I did think they were a little understaffed though – servers rushed around in a flurry to serve the almost full house, and funnily refilled the water station without doing the same for the glasses. This was part of its charm for me though, so I didn’t really mind much.

Good ol' Steak and Cheese Pie
Good ol’ Steak and Cheese Pie

Z’s Steak Pie and Salad (S$9.50) from the deli counter was nice too, but he had to get them to warm it up as it seems the default is to serve it cold. He seemed quite happy with it when it came back anyway.

The Baker & Cook Spanish omelette and marvellous house bread

The Spanish omelette I had was just amazing – I hadn’t had one in a while and when I saw it I knew I had to have it. A rare occasion that I decided on my choice of food under a minute. Baker & Cook’s version was a fluffy thick omelette oozing with cheese, chorizo, spinach and red peppers.

For some reason it was also drizzled with BBQ sauce of sorts, which I thought was a bit strange. But who cares, as it was so, so tasty and satisfying.

Some of the lovely baked goods available
Some of the lovely baked goods available

The rows of baked goods and deli offerings looked really yummy, but we didn’t have space for anything else, so had to come back another time for these.

Please pardon my eye bags... this was before coffee
Please pardon my eye bags… this was before coffee lol

And so we did! This time round, I had a simple scrambled eggs with smoked salmon (S$18), which came with the same house bread I loved so much.  The eggs were alright, sufficiently creamy and smooth, and the salmon was quite normal, but the bread was strangely a tad bit soggy, Still nice though, and tasted pretty healthy.

Z also thought what he had during our first visit was better – he had a Minced Beef Pie this time.

Creamy sugary bread thing
A custard filled Bombolini donut

>We also had a Bombolini donut (apparently it’s an Italian filled-doughnut) that was coated in sugar and had a custard filling. Not bad, but not particularly fantastic.

So we had a really wonderful first visit and a reasonably okay second one to this cosy bakery. Would probably go again though, because they have so many lovely looking baked items there I still want to try. The food menu does not have that many choices on it though, but guess it’s enough for me.

Outside seating
Outside seating, which was removed due to URA restrictions, not sure if these are back yet

If you love fancy bread and delicious omelettes, do give this little artisan bakery a shot sometime!

Happiness Index 4

Baker & Cook
77 Hillcrest Road (flagship; second store at 38A Martin Road)
Greenwood, Singapore 288951
Tel: +65 6469 8834

Open from 7am to 8pm from Sundays to Thursdays, and from 7am to 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays.


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