An Update On My Personal Clean(ish) Eating Challenge

Hello folks! Here is a little interim update on my little two week commitment to eating somewhat healthily (as best I can while eating out).

So far, I’ve managed to resist the temptations of ice cream, bak kwa, chocolate, croissants and more over the last 9 days, but I think I’ve really not been eating as clean as I could have. Mainly because of the sauces that come with outside-bought food, and because tofu and century egg are technically processed food.

I think I’ve done alright though, for a first try. Here are all the various food items that I consumed over the whole of last week:

Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner / Supper
12 Aug, Day 1 • Organic oats with 100% almond butter, half a cup of coffee, one banana and a few raisins and almonds
• 1 hard boiled egg
• The other half cup of coffeeIMG_5744_2
• Half a traditional roast spring chicken
• 8 organic baby carrots, 10 slices of cucumberIMG_5745_2
• 11 longans
• A handful of natural nuts and raisins (almonds, hazelnuts etc)
• Half a traditional roast spring chicken
• 8 organic baby carrots, 8 slices of cucumber
13 Aug, Day 2 • A scoop of organic oats with 140g non-fat yogurt, blueberries, banana and walnuts
• 1 hard boiled egg
• 2 cups of green teaIMG_5752_2
• Morrocan spiced carrot soup and paprika tofu snap pea salad
• Skinny Starbucks cafe latteIMG_5754_2
• 25 longans
• A few pecans
• Simmered spinach with egg, salted egg and century egg
• 2 pieces of soya sauce chicken, 1 piece of roast duck w/o skinIMG_5756_2
14 Aug, Day 3 • Kailan, banana, apple smoothie with skim milk
• 1 hard boiled egg
• 1 cup black coffeeKailan Smoothie
• Large Tokyo Chicken Stew soup • 25 longans
• 10+ blueberries
• A handful of natural nuts and raisins (almonds, hazelnuts etc)
• 1 roast seaweed sheet
• Chinese boiled golden mushroom and chicken soup
• 1 banana
• 1 mango ice blend with mango cubes, no sugarIMG_5768
15 Aug, Day 4 • 1 slice toasted wholemeal bread and minimally processed mild cheddar cheese
• 2 soft boiled eggs
• 1 cup black coffeeIMG_5771
• Sashimi saladIMG_5773 • Some longans, blueberries and ground nuts • Butternut pumpkin soup
• 4 slices of kiwi fruit
• 4 sticks of satay
• 1 skinny cappucino, no sugarIMG_5784
16 Aug, Day 5 • Homemade granola (organic oats, pecans, dash of 100% natural maple syrup), non-fat yogurt, blueberries and banana
• 1 cup black coffeeIMG_5789
• Watercress soup with chicken breast and baby carrots
• 1 oolong tea with aloe vera, no sugarIMG_5800
• Some longans
• A few gourmet brown rice crisp crumbs
• A handful of natural almonds and raisins
• Home made scrambled eggs, stir-fried kailan with mushrooms and half a slice of wholemeal toast+cheddar
• 1 cup fresh ABC juice
• Bittergourd fish soupIMG_5808
17 Aug, Day 6 • 1 banana • Rojak (except the you tiao), with less sugar
• 2 soft boiled eggs
• 1 cup black coffee
• 1 fresh mango carrot juice
• 1 cup black coffee
• Natsumi teriyaki chicken burger from MOS and small side salad, no mayo/dressing
• 1 cup iced milk tea no sugar
• Thai lime chicken salad and some squid (from Z’s claypot mee)IMG_5810
18 Aug, Day 7 • 1 cup fresh banana, strawberry, pear with a bit of skim milk smoothieIMG_5814 • Mixed salad (mesclun, beetroot, carrots, cucumber, avocado, flaxseed crackers etc) with sesame dressingLiving Salad • 1 gluten free almond flour and coconut cookie
• About 1/2 or 3/4 slice of cheddar with some no sugar added berry jamIMG_5818
• Roasted cheese with figs
• Roasted eggplant with tomato stuffing and feta on the side
• Grilled fish and prawns with olive oil, grilled lamb chops
• Roasted vegetables and a bit of potato on the sideGrilled Fish with Olive Oil

I don’t think there’s been much progress health and aesthetics-wise (forgot to weigh myself at the start sadly) as I usually kind of eat like that anyway, just with a bit more “white” carbs and the occasional… or okay fine, maybe not so occasional… dessert/cake/chocolate/sinful snack.

But according to my colleague my complexion seems to have gotten better (from the copious amounts of longan I ate last week perhaps?). Maybe there’s a slight reduction in bloating too.

A tiny bit of midriff improvement...?
A tiny bit of midriff improvement…?

I shall persevere, though the little “eat me” cries of almond croissants, butterscotch sundaes. curry puffs and what not from over last week have been a bit torturous, and update again at the end of this. There are only around 3 days left, I can do it!

Do leave a comment and share your experiences with me if any of you have also tried something like this? 🙂


2 thoughts on “An Update On My Personal Clean(ish) Eating Challenge

  1. That, is seriously damn impressive. You’d probably be shedding quite abit of fats. And anyway don’t bother weighing, doesn’t help. Just use the mirror (or your cam) to judge. Compare the before and after for 2 weeks, it’d be damn awesome =)

  2. Aww thanks Maccann 🙂 the problem is, I came down with gastric flu on the last few days of this, and kind of had to halt all efforts and ended up eating lots of carbs (in the form of rice porridge). But ohwell thanks for the encouragement I think I shall do it again!! 🙂

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