Food, Fitness and Travel

I love food. I really do.

The most delicious strawberry tart I have EVER eaten, in Nice, France
The most delicious strawberry tart I have EVER eaten, in Nice, France

And if you’ve been following my posts, you’d probably have realised that by now as well. But how does one eat all this glorious food without… well, expanding? That’s a challenge I constantly struggle with.

As a young girl, I really disliked exercising. At 15 years old, I weighed a fairly hefty 57kg and ran 2.4km in a pathetic 17.56 minutes. Running was the bane of my existence. Yet I loved to eat – and I pretty much remained chubby all through school, even during my JC and university days, when I was already dancing quite a bit.

What my dear boyfriend Z calls the “$@%^&*@#+~ still eating ice cream?!” shot, taken in Monaco

During primary and secondary school, my self esteem suffered and I was not in the best of shape, in all aspects of the word. But over the past few years (I’m 27 now), I’ve slowly discovered healthy eating, effective exercise, and been reading up a lot on fitness related topics.

This is starting to become rather verbose (sorry for being so long winded), but essentially, while I am seeking out lovely new food places and enjoying wondrous tastes, I am also at the same time pretty conscious of healthy eating and fitness.

A tiny little bit of progress!

And hence, I have decided to now include some posts on fitness and travel on my blog as well, simply because these are big things in my life that I am passionate about. Mainly my thoughts and experiences though, because I’m no expert on either of these!

I still have a long way to go in meeting my fitness goals (nice abs, biceps, deltoids, triceps, back muscles, glutes, quads, calves, and by 2013 a pull-up and an unassisted handstand… something like that), but I decided to embark on this journey some time ago and would like to continue doing so.

Yes, I do eat healthy food sometimes too 😉

Now, I weigh between 52 to 55kg (depending on how hardworking I am that week), and can run 2.4km under 14 minutes. I admit I can afford to be far more committed to this cause. But I suppose being a normal (and rather lazy) person who adores good food, I’ve made the choice as well not to completely give that up and try to strike a balance between the things I love.

And I’d like to share this journey I’m on to discover great food, fitness and travel experiences with all of you!


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