Raisin Cream Bun, Barcook Bakery

Barcook Buns
How lucky! Six pieces still available that day

This “review” is going to be a bit different from the usual. Because what it is really going to be, is just a little bit of gushing about a wonderful bread item from Barcook Bakery.

Started around 5 years back with a small shop in Chinatown, Barcook believes in ‘quality and freshness which are the key ingredients’ in their bread. Their Raisin Cream Bun (S$1.40 each) is their best seller, and is often sold out. In fact, I had to try three times within two weeks to buy this for breakfast before work, and only succeeded yesterday because the timing was right (around 8.39am?).

Barcook Bakery ARC
The Alexandra Retail Centre outlet

This is the third time I’m having this bun, and in my opinion, it is quite a delight. The bun is soft and fluffy, with the lightly browned exterior giving it a nice baked taste. And the cream cheese is so beautiful – slightly sweet, a bit tangy and mostly creamy. These coupled with the natural sweetness of the raisins, really make this bun a crowd pleaser.

The light and fluffy bun filled with yummy cream cheese
The light and fluffy bun filled with yummy cream cheese

Have been trying to eat healthy and all, but this makes a nice occasional treat.

Barcook sells cakes as well, and the one I that my colleagues got me for my birthday earlier this year, the Strawberry Tiramisu, was rather delicious too. This was light and creamy too, and not too “jelat” (so heavy and rich that one gets sick of eating it after a while). Not too expensive too, at $S38. Other flavours include ‘Horlicks Opera, Carrot Cake, Blackforest, and more. I did try the Blackforest as well for another birthday, and it was good too!

The delectable Strawberry Tiramisu cake
The delectable Strawberry Tiramisu cake

The bakery currently has six outlets across the island, one at their original location, Hong Lim Complex, and also branches at OG Albert Complex, ARC, Tampines One, International Plaza and Square 2.

If there’s one near your workplace, why not give it a try for breakfast one morning? Do be aware though, these little beauties sell out quick so you might have to go earlier to snag one of them.

However if cream cheese is not your thing, they do have a range interesting breads. Other popular items include the Otah Otah (S$1.40) and Salty Egg Yolk Bun (S$1.60) and more!


Barcook Bakery
For more information on the bakery, its breads and cakes, its exact outlet locations, contact details and opening hours, visit their website at: http://barcookbakery.com.


2 thoughts on “Raisin Cream Bun, Barcook Bakery

  1. hihi thanks for letting me know! where in Yishun though, if you don’t mind sharing? 🙂 btw I noticed that Breadtalk has one too hmm… but not that enticed to try lol

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