Gordon Ramsay Accepts SingTel and Food Bloggers’ Challenge

I think this has probably been blogged to death in the last couple of days, but I’d like to post about it anyway, because I AM SO EXCITED about this!!!

Just yesterday, Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay accepted a challenge issued to him by SingTel and the people behind these seven well-known food blogs in Singapore – Daniel’s Food Diary, KeropokmanSuperFineFelineHisFoodBlog, ieatishootipost, Camemberu and Melicacy. The challenge is to pit his skills against the top 3 hawkers in Singapore (determined through public voting of 12 pre-selected hawkers based on a number of factors including their ratings on HungryGoWhere and The Business Times’ Knight Frank CEOs’ Hawker Choices, Makansutra etc) in a culinary contest.

The challenge is said to have arisen due to a recent hot topic discussed at HungryGoWhere about our local hawker food not receiving global recognition, such as Michelin stars.

Local Food Collage
Yummy local delights! Including the popular roast meat from Fatty Cheong’s at ABC Market and the fried kway teow from Marine Parade food centre šŸ™‚

I think this is a GREAT idea – having a face-off in culinary styles which could not be more different, in a food genre that is pretty much still unknown to the world. It would be fantastic to finally take Singapore food to an international stage and give it more credit, that it deserves. There is so much more to our cuisine than just “Singapore noodles” folks.

So come July, after the top 3 hawkers have been determined through voting at the Hawker Heroes website, Gordon Ramsay will come to Singapore and battle it out with them.

I for one, am going to try some of the 12 hawker heroes finalists and then cast my vote before the poll closes on 2 July at 11.59pm! And there are prizes to be won as well.

Perhaps you should vote too? šŸ˜‰


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